Monday, September 8, 2008

Thy cup overflows -Andrenn Update-

Hey all, Andrenn here with another Andrenn Update. I found 2 new teasers from Marvel and wanted to comment on them, also an update on some future stuff.

So IGN has debuted a new cover, art by Marko Djurdjevic, depicting Dr. Doom with the Infinity Gauntlet, as well as with all of the Infinity gems firmly placed in it. With the Celestials there, common sense would say that this is just a cover for the next issue to be solicited in December.

However, I can’t help but notice the homage to one of the Secret Wars covers with Doom torn up after his fight with the Beyonder. Could this be more than simply an Eternals cover? Maybe it’s a Mighty Avengers cover. Seeing as Djurdjevic has been the series cover artist through Secret Invasion, maybe this is somehow tied into the fall out of SI?

Bendis and Djurdjevic have both worked on the character of Doom in Mighty Avengers, maybe the two are teaming up again for a strange Doom story tying somewhat into Eternals? While that feels more far-fetched, still, it would be awesome. I’d love to see Djurdjevic do painted interiors again with the character like he did in Mighty Avengers and Bendis seems to have a good grip on the character.

Aside from that, we have another 2009 event teaser. This one is even more confusing then the past ones as this one doesn’t seem to really say much. It’s just some oddly dressed figure holding a gun. I honestly don’t know what to make of this image. It makes me think of Lobster Johnston from Hellboy. Oh! Is Mike Mignola bringing Hellboy to Marvel?

No? I thought not.

IGN also has a preview for ASM#571, glad to see Spidey understands that Eddie doesn’t know about the blood thing. I’m not too worried if Eddie sucks out the radiation or not, I think it’s safe to say that won’t happen. But what did catch my eye was the Norman/Menace confrontation. It’s looking to be far more interesting than I’d figured it would, and I’m almost certain by now that Harry is Menace. What with him knowing about the first “death” of the Goblin. Only Pete/Norman and Harry knew about that. Also looks like Mac is getting his bearings back.

Now about that Comic Report Card on Get Mystique…probably not gonna happen for a while. Much as I enjoy Comic Report Card, I am lucky to get out some of the weekly stuff right now.

Both The Andrenn Channel and Andrenn’s Game Shelf are on a quick “Gotta fix them up” hiatus. I’ve yet to work out all the kinks in it. But I should have the first Andrenn Channel out soon. Andrenn’s Game Shelf may be put off for a few weeks.

This week’s cover talk will be the last one for a little bit. After this Cover Talk is going to be down for a bit so I have more extra time these next few weeks. It will probably be back come October though. I’m still sticking with Collection Spotlight and Week’s end though, so no worries there.

That’s about all I have to say, both those teaser images are awesome. Expect comic reviews on Wednesday, Secret Invasion #6, All Star Batman #10 and Amazing Spider-man #571. Expect Cover Talk late tomorrow.


Keith Gammage said...

I wonder if the Doom image has anything to do with the Evil Illuminati. Sub-Mariner ended with Doom and Namor forming an alliance, and Namor knows that the Illuminati have the Infinity Gems.

Andrenn said...

I forgot to mention the Illuminati, I was going to write

"Maybe this has some kind of tie in to the upcoming Evil Illuminati one shot in 2009, where Doom is able to get all the Infinity gems from the busy Illuminati, after SI. This could very well tie in to SI after all"

But I forgot, and figured I'd just post this as it is.
Bendis likes to build on continuity so it wouldn't surprise me if this is an MA cover.

Keith Gammage said...

And apparently that's the cover for Spider-Man Noir. I would never have guessed it was Spidey.

Andrenn said...

I know, how weird. I'll write up my total thoughts on the Noir announcement, plus Dark Reign, in a later Andrenn Update tonight.