Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week's End

It’s been a fairly full week of comics, even if it was lacking in some of the epic proportions. Really, only 2 comics this week even slightly stood out for me, and that’s of course this week’s two Must Have’s.

Comic of the week: Spawn #182

This was a really hard decision. I’ve never felt so torn over 2 great comics! Amazing Spider-man was full to the brim with great moments, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely loved moments from that book, but Spawn wins out with the overall “Oh shit!” factor that comes from the reveal of Moranna being Al and Wanda’s daughter. Such an incredible twist, that along with amazing art and a great issue in general makes Spawn take the crown this week as comic of the week.

Moments(s!) of the week: Spawn AND Amazing Spider-man.

I’m gonna cheat here and post some Moments here rather than a single moment. Don’t go thinking I’m about to start ripping off Kirk Warren yet, the only reason I am doing this is because I just can’t decide here which was better. The Moranna reveal, or these moments I chose from ASM.

So this is the reveal that Moranna is indeed the daughter of Al and Wanda. Haberlin certainly spared no expense on showing us how much the young girl has…*cough* grown. Also, sorry I couldn’t get a color page with the caption “Your daughter. Moranna!” like the final page. This is a black and white page Brian Haberlin posted in the Spawn #182 thread.

Let met warn you for the scans you are about to see are done by hand, by me, and I suck at this. I did my best, but a scanner and paint program can only go so far. I obviously messed up a bit, but hey, this was tricky stuff! I hope you can still read most of these moments.

I loved this scene; it just shows how in tune Slott is to the inner comedy of the Spider-man series. Something about these two enemies sharing a laugh, then resuming to ripping each other apart. Priceless. In case you didn’t know, right before this, Venom and Anti-Venom double punched Spider-man and he went flying.

This is one of those “huh?” moments that just makes me scratch my head and chuckle. It’s funny because Anti-Venom doesn’t want to move in not trusting Spider-man, Venom is now afraid of Anti-Venom, and Spider-man just makes the first move. It’s moments like this that are classic, seriously, brilliant.

Spidey puts it best, nothing funnier than a villain yelling out “No fair!” when he gets double teamed. Also loved how Anti-Venom laughs at Spidey’s joke while crunching Venom. This is one of the more memorable Spidey team ups currently that comes to mind. Also, loved the "does a certain brain eating psycho need a hug?"

Cover of the week: Savage Dragon #137

This cover took me by surprise really. I’m not buying Savage Dragon, but damned if that isn’t some kind of funny market gimmick. I don’t think this was the solicited cover, so color me confused. Did Obama endorse this? Was this just Larsen’s way of showing his support? I read the preview; it has nothing to do with Obama. Well either way, I like it. Nice to see a funny cover like that, also glad to see more Obama support. Yes, I am an Obama supporter. But that’s not the reason I chose this cover, I chose it because that is hilarious. Also, Larsen did a great job on the look of Obama. I wonder if he traced it or not. Either way, great, kind of odd, but cool cover.

So that’s it for this Week’s End. You can also see I tried having Adsense added…it’s…not working out. I have a buddy of mine coming over later tonight. We’re going to hook up the NES, play some battletoads, hopefully he can help me get rid of the Adsense thing. I barely know computers.

Before we go though, remember to check in Tuesday for Cover Talk, this time we’re covering the World War Hulk covers, as well as Skaar Son of Hulk’s covers. I also have 2 articles in the works, “The Andrenn Channel” and “Andrenn’s Game shelf.” I’m looking into finally adding some TV and Videogames here, which I’ve been meaning to get to these last few weeks. So expect both those soon.

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