Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week's End

After a much smaller week for comics, the week has ended and it’s time for a look back in Week’s End.

Comic of the week:

Invincible #52

I have yet to read all of this issue, but a friend of mine was going over some of the details and promised to lend me his copy. From the sounds of it, it was epic. I obviously won’t spoil it if you’ve yet to either hear the news or read it, but it’s got me excited. I may add Invincible back to my Pull List. I really enjoyed #51 but wasn’t sure, 52 has solidified and rekindled my enjoyment of the comic.

Moment of the Week:

Secret Invasion #8

This was a tough one actually, while I was tempted to do the final page in Runaways/YA for the hilarity that ensued. Yet this epic bombastic final splash page should tell you just how amazing Yu’s art has gotten. I love the image of heroes and villains like Captain America and Venom fighting side by side, taking down the Skrull menace. And…correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that guy, under Reed Richards and the fire girl…isn’t he the Initiative recruit who got his neck snapped earlier in SI#3? It’s probably just an error on Yu’s part, but a bit of an annoying one. Still, that wicked look on Venom’s face more than makes up for it, so I don’t mind. This leads in perfectly to what will hopefully be a stronger issue next month.

Cover of the Week:

Secret Invasion #6 variant by Frank Cho

I was all ready to give the award to ASM #571’s Anti-Venom variant, it is also a great comment. But I love Frank Cho’s work and this is an incredible cover. I would have posted it in Weekly Reviews for the SI#6 cover but Marvel posted a full edited version of the original cover so I figured that one was better to use.

I really like the image of Spider-woman putting on her crown with the Skrulls bowing to her, it’s just a very cool image, and Cho draws a great Spider-woman. Hey, if Maleev eventually leaves the SW series and Frank Cho has finished up his work with Ultimates 4….hint, hint, Marvel.

So that’s all I’ve got to say really. I probably won’t be posting much this week, if I do, it will either because something really interesting is going down, or I’m feeling better. Though I will see if I can post a review of Invincible #52 when I get my hands on a copy, which would probably be Monday.

I think Solicits come out next week, so Expect DC solicits on Monday, with my little commentary, then Marvel following on Tuesday. Then Image whenever the hell they get their solicits out there. Until then, enjoy your weekend.


BrikHed said...

Invincbile - buy the hardbacks it is the way to go. I jumped on board in the 30's and just bought the first 3 hardbacks.

Andrenn said...

Thanks, but I've been reading Invincible for a while now, I've been on and off with it. I left around the early 40's, it just wasn't bringing me in anymore, and am trying to jump back on now.