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The 3 Solicits for January 2009

The solicits are up and out, a little late than usual, but I’m still here for the party. Now rather than posting each solicits group in 3 divided posts, I can’t be doing that so much with the Season’s Postings, so instead I’m putting them all under one roof!

I know nuts. But seeing as the majority of it is Marvel anyway, I figure 3 Batman books and whatever Image comics I’m getting won’t stretch this post too much.

Image Solicits for January 2009

DC solicits for January 2009

Marvel Solicits for January 2009

Now Image goes first since they sent out their solicits first. Fair’s fair, kids.

Spawn #188

I am stoked for Endgame and all it’s…Endy glory. This issue sounds interesting, but I’m not quite sure what to think of it being about some reporter chasing Spawn. Sounds like the POV kind of stuff comics do every once in a blue moon to shake up perspectives on these characters. Though with any luck, McFarlane doesn’t delve too far away from Spawn. Also, best cover yet by Portacio. Very wicked.

Witchblade #124

I knew it. I knew that student girl of Dani’s would cause trouble. While I’m not exactly sure how or what she does that causes the ripple effect, this issue is the lead in for War of the Witchblade, a story that alongside Ultimatum and Spawn Endgame, I am highly anticipating and am excited to see. That cover is also Sejic’s best yet, I know I was hard on him in the November solicits for that one weak cover, but this one is just incredible. Can’t wait to see War of the Witchblade.

Witchblade volume 6. TPB

I may pick this up seeing as it starts off with where I jumped on with Witchblade, and that was some incredible stuff right there. Now thanks to the internet I already know quite a bit on Witchblade, but no harm in checking this out. Could be a future CS some day.

Now onto DC!

Batman #685

Dini and Nguyen are back! Yes!

But wait…spoiler alert? Well there goes the build up to Heart of Hush’ conclusion. We now know Catwoman lives…while I’m happy to see her survive…I’m pissed at DC ruining the build up that #850 had going in Detective Comics. Major fail DC.

Batman: Cacophony #3

Not much to say on this really. I’ll be picking it up for sure.

Nightwing #152

I find it odd that Ra’s big return is in Nightwing. No offense to the book and its fans, Dick Grayson is an awesome character, but something so major…one would thing is to be handled by in the pages of Batman or something.

Detective Comics #852

So this spotlight is on Hush for this whole “faces of evil” crap. I honestly don’t care about all that, but hey, it continues the story from Heart of Hush and it’s MORE Dini/Nguyen teaming up. And I’m all for that.

I just want to point out, what happened to the Neil Gaiman/Andy Kubert “Whatever happened to the caped crusader?” storyline? Delayed? I thought it was set to come out in January…

Now onto the last long leg of our trek…the Marvel solicits

The Dark Reign hoopla continues to be kept under wraps as far as solicits is concerned. No covers, nothin, Marvel isn’t telling is squat. But I read the early release of the Spider-man solicits, I guess someone at messed up since ASM #584, and it involves Menace and Harry Osborn, and has Romita Jr. Back. It seems to be a part of the Dark Reign…interesting.

Ultimate Spider-man #130

Hmmm, I’m not sure why but this solicit doesn’t sound as interesting. Looks okay, but I’m not sure what to think. Too vague.

Is Ultimatum being delayed for the month? It’s nowhere in the solicits, from what I see….

Spider-man Noir #2

That cover is odd. Not bad, just odd. I’m really hoping that this series goes for a black and white like, unlike X-men Noir which for some stupid reason will be in color. The solicit talks of Black Cat showing up, so hey, some femme fatale action going on. You know what; looking a second time at the cover…it’s pretty good.

Amazing Spider-man #583

Well, I guess it was going to happen sooner or later. More salt on the wound, as they say. People asked for this? Really? Meh, I don’t recall anyone asking for it, but I don’t hang around the Marvel forums often.

Ghost Rider #31

I still have yet to add this to my pull list, I’m waiting to pick up #28 this week and see if it’s good enough to add this story back to my pull list. Cool cover by Suydam though. Also, I decided against Danny Ketch, the mini-series.

Marvel Zombies 3 #4

I already commented on the cover on Yesterday’s MZ cover talk. The solicit sounds like a crazy fun time, can’t wait to see more of this story.

Quick comment here, Ruins sounds and looks stupid. Ellis or no Ellis.

Skaar: Son of Hulk #7

Dear god let this story pick up! With the return of Silver Surfer, I’m excited to see if Pak can finally breathe strong life into this comic. Also, seems Guice has replaced Garney…I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad at that.

Thor #600

I’m considering picking up Thor finally. It was a great idea on Marvel’s part to return to a classic numbering.

Secret Invasion: War of Kings

I’m considering picking this up…I’m not all that sure if I’ll be reading War of Kings, it has me interested and I’m all for some Black-Bolt baddassery.

X-men: Legacy #220

Rogue…favorite X-man! Must buy now…must buy…

X-men/Spider-man #3

I was so excited for this issue, but damn….it’s Ben Reilly as Spider-man…not Scarlet Spider…I would have loved, dare I say, strongly, for him to be Scarlet Spider. He was awesome as Scarlet Spider, sucked as Spider-man…but still, the art looks incredible and it’s got some classic Carnage so I’m in.

Is Wolverine getting ANOTHER damn DELAY?!

Ugh…just…just ugh….I'm starting to consider dropping Wolverine.

Spider-man: New Ways to Die HC.

While this story isn’t perfect (I hope to be able to review the final issue sometime soon) I did enjoy this story enough to warrant picking up the HC.

March on Ultimatum HC

I’ll be picking this up mainly to have a book that contains the Ultimate Spider-man Annual #3.

Marvel 1985 HC

I got the first issue of Marvel 1985 and it was great, but I decided against getting the whole series and to wait for the HC. I will be picking this up as soon as I can, the reviews have been fairly positive about this so I look forward to reading it all as a whole.

So that’s the full epic Solicit talk. It took a bit of time to get it all together, busy as all hell today. Now I should be able to get to the comic shop tomorrow so expect a review of Invincible and Secret Invasion.

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