Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cover Talk: Marvel Zombies 2 and 3

The Marvel Zombie Madness is just about wrapped up here with our final Cover Talk on the Marvel Zombies franchise. Here we’re going to cover the 5 covers to Marvel Zombies 2 and the 4 covers to Marvel Zombies 3. A bit shorter than the previous ones, but should go well. Wish me luck…now…where’s my gun?

Covers for Marvel Zombies 2 are done by Arthur Suydam

Covers for Marvel Zombies 3 are done by Greg Land

Marvel Zombies 2 #1

Civil War is the theme as the iconic Michael Turner cover gets zombified. While I like this cover, I continue to ask “What’s with the birds in Cap’s head? Seriously?” It’s not a big complaint, but it’s annoying. Again I like how Iron Man’s mask is messed up to show the skull in side. But I think here Suydam goes a little to Skull over face with the Zombies.

Marvel Zombies 2 #2

Homaging a very classic cover here, one of the first major Marvel Comics, if I recall. While it’s a fairly simple and easy image, I like the look of the on fire Zombie bursting out to kill. Very wicked.

Marvel Zombies 2 #3

He is Iron Man…awesome. I think this is the first Iron Man cover to be Zombified, and Suydam just knocks it out of the park. I wish I had an image of the full version because it’s great.

Marvel Zombies 2 #4

Eh…Zombie Nick Fury…not too good, while I do appreciate the fact that he’s at least got a face this time around. The only good thing about this really is Cap’s skull, very cool, very funny.

Marvel Zombies 2 #5

Again, I must MEH. This is a good cover and the position on Thor is great, but this overall image is just okay. I was hoping for something a little crazier from Suydam…but still, a good zombie cover for what it is.

Marvel Zombies 3 #1

Big Evil Dead fan here, and while I hate the name change, I did enjoy Army of Darkness to an extent. Land does a great job on the image, but I swear…if any fanboy shouts out “He traced it!” I’m gonna chuck a chair at him. Because honestly, I don’t care, it’s a great cover and I am happy with living in denial over his tracing.

Marvel Zombies 3 #2

In my November Solicits look, I praised this cover, and for good reason, it’s a great cover and Land does an amazing job at it. I can only figure that is Medusa since Blackbolt is the on wandering around. It parodies the 28 days later poster, and does so to a great job.

Marvel Zombies 3 #3

Eh…not bad, not great…kind of disappointing. There really isn’t anything zombie about it. Just a hand choking Jocasta is it. Nothing special. Was hoping for more, despite how cool it is to homage Evil Dead.

Marvel Zombies 3 #4

Of all the movie images to homage, I would have never expected Shaun of the Dead. Still, it’s a good cover for what it was, but I would have much rather preferd Dawn of the Dead, the original poster mind you, to this. But one thing is for sure, Land turned in some of the best cover work he’s ever done with on Marvel Zombies.

So there you have it, we’ve picked the brains of the rotting corpse that is the Marvel Zombies covers. Now in case your wondering, I held off solicit talk a couple of days and will be posting it either tomorrow or Thursday. It depends on if I’m able to get to the comic shop.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed me talking about the Marvel Zombies, now it’s time for that second helping of raven meat…mmm-mmmm! Just like momma makes it.

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