Friday, November 7, 2008

Andrenn Update -No Spawn vol. 5 review-

It has been a while since we last had an Andrenn Update. But one must be made since I have a bit of a cancellation announcement. I’m canceling reviewing Spawn vol. 5…for now. I can’t seem to feel motivated about reviewing it, and if I don’t care about what I’m reviewing, then there is no point in reviewing something if you don’t care at the moment. Though some day down the road it will be reviewed, for now Spawn is off the review block for a while. I have other things I’d like to review…after this weekend.
My first quarter of school has ended and I’m pretty worn from it, this is my first 3 day weekend in a while and I plan to enjoy it. So there will be no Collection Spotlight this evening. Though I do have some books I plan to review over the next few weeks, I won’t say, just because after Halloween I realize that I don’t work well with a strict schedule. I seem to enjoy writing these reviews much more when it comes to me that day I’d like to write up about that. Now just because I’m taking a bit of a vacation, there will still be a Week’s End on Sunday and a comic review next week as well as a Collection Spotlight. But I spent some of my comic money on the Joker Graphic Novel. So while I’ll review a comic or two, Joker will hopefully be reviewed sometime through the week.

Seeing as it’s been compared to The Killing Joke by comic legend Alan Moore, curiosity got the better of me. Not to good too in depth as to spoil my review, but for the most part, I enjoyed it. Apparently not as much as everyone else who raves it as the second coming of the Graphic Novel Messiah. But still, I found it worth the money spent.

Week’s End will probably be on Sundays more often now since that’s usually when I find out what is ahead in the weeks of comics.

The Megaman 9 review the works. I haven’t written anything, but I do know what I’ll write for sure.

I have a new thing coming up called “Andrenn’s Pull List” where I talk a bout recent adds to the pull list. I’ve added a few comics as of yesterday, so I’ll be talking about why their on the list.

Nothing new upcoming for the Andrenn Channel series of posts. I’m not really sure what show is next to add…but I’m thinking that it’s time to add a cartoon. At least one animated show.

Sonic Unleashed comes out on Friday next week, which I’m excited for. I may review it one day.

So I guess that’s pretty much it, I don’t have anything else really to bring up. Expect some more posts over the week hopefully and I’ll see you all around.

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