Saturday, November 8, 2008

Andrenn's Pull List

Welcome to an all new, all exciting post here. Andrenn’s Pull List! Here I talk about my pull list, but more precisely, additions and subtractions from it. These are recent adds and minuses from the list, so whenever I change the list is when you’ll see a post like this. It’s very simple, I talk about a comic, why I’m either going to get it or why I’m done with it.

Spider-man Noir

I’m picking this up for a few reasons, my biggest reason being the simple fact that it’s David Hine on writing. I’m a fan of Hine’s, though not as big as some people I know, I still really like his work and I am excited to see where he takes our friendly wall-crawler. Taking a character like Spider-man into the world of Noir is somewhat crazy, but then again, some of the best ideas are the craziest ones. This is also the start of the Noir series from Marvel, something that could be an exciting new branch of Marvel’s many universes and alternate stories. I also have seen the artist in his Marvel Knights work, it’s stunning and I can’t wait to see how Hine uses the amazing art to tell this story.

Skaar: Son of Hulk

As much as I wanted to keep up with Skaar…some things just aren’t worth it and Skaar is just a pure waste of my time and money. Seeing as my list is getting bigger and bigger with little room for series I don’t care about, Skaar had to go and was chopped off the list. Though I may return to it if I hear good things, for now, I’m done with the Son of Hulk.

Ultimate Fantastic Four

I’m mainly buying this in my curiosity of the Invisible Woman’s fate. With the possibility of wedding bells in the future for her and everything looking so grim, I had to come back to the FF for one last hurrah, seeing as the series is to be cancelled soon.

Batman: Cacophony

The art doesn’t look too good really…it looks fine, but it’s more of the same old same old for DC artists. Still, it’s Kevin Smith and Batman. A combination that makes me jumps for joy. I’m a big fan of Smith’s movie work and really hope he can blend a more dark humor with Batman, rather then making it blatantly humorous which would be annoying when it comes to Batman. Still, with a character like Joker, Smith should be able to hit a nice blend here.

Pending possible removal

I haven’t done anything to this title yet, but with the delays that continue to plague it, I’m really considering dropping Wolverine. While I’ve been loving Old Man Logan and McNiven’s art has been worth the wait…I gotta cut somewhere in the list and if Wolverine keeps getting delayed and the story starts to bore me, it’ll be gone.

Uncanny X-men
Added! –For now!-

Uncanny is on my pull list for the sake of checking out Dodson’s incredible artwork but that’s it. Though I’ll admit, I am also interested in seeing what becomes of Emma as she enters Scott’s mind, from what the previews have shown, it just looks like Fraction’s excuse to get to see our favorite X-girls in skimpy outfits…*eye rolls* point in one close up shot of Rogue, her shirt torn and bra easily viewed…seriously…ugh. But I digress, either way; I’m checking it out for Dodson’s art mainly.


I decided to wait until after the first issue to add this series, as the first issue didn’t interest me at all. No offense to fans of this classic time for Spider-man, but I honestly didn’t really care about it. Now issue 2 and up are what interests me personally.

Sonic X

Yes, I’m actually going to be buying the last 2 issues of the Sonic X comic. Now…I saw the cartoon a while back when it premiered, didn’t really like it despite being a fan of the series of video games. Though a friend of mine showed me the Japanese original version…much, much, much better. Now I’m buying the comic since it supposedly leads in to the upcoming new Sonic title from Archie Comics, Sonic Universe, and a project I am very much interested in. So while Universe won’t be a continuation of X, X will lead into Universe…uh-huh…

I doubt I’ll review it. Unless someone really wants me to review it and is curious as to my thoughts on it, I probably won’t talk about it really. But again, if someone really wants to hear my thoughts on it, I will review it. Otherwise, the next Sonic Comic I review will be Universe.

Ultimate X-men

I’m simply buying this for the Ultimatum tie-in. Kirkman turned me away with some of the worst Ultimate work I’ve ever seen. Though I’m coming back to see how Xavier’s children weather the Ultimatum. Also, one reason is I love Mark Brook’s art and can’t wait to see what he does here with something as big and chaotic as Ultimatum.

So that is all we have for today. I should have a Week’s End in tomorrow evening probably so expect that tomorrow. Now I’m off to go read more of the Joker.


Cat said...

The Marvel Noir titles look interesting but I may wait till I read ish #1 to add to my pull. I am so done with Uncanny X-Men! Bru & Fraction, in my opinion have completely ruined the title...the Land issues were terrible.
Spider-Man/X-Men #1 was surprsingly good & I added it to my pull as well.
I may have to check out the Ultimate tie ins!
Nice post!

Andrenn said...

I'm glad you liked it,Cat. It's always glad to hear someone liked what I wrote.

I've heard nothing but bad about Uncanny X-men so I'm going in very cautious. Not excited about it really, just wanting to see some Dodson art.

I'll no doubt pick up the X-men/Spider-man hardcover when it comes out so I guess I can read issue #1 then.

Cat said...

I love Dodson's art too but the writing that's going on in that book is so atrocious I won't spend another penny on it. When the creative teams were announced for #500 I was so looking forward to it...what a let down. I even gave it 3 issues to hook me, I usually only give books 2 issues.
I sometimes get books just for the art though. I dropped Loeb's Hulk after #2 but picked up #7 due to Art Adams. What great art but the story was really bad (your review was pretty spot on with my opinion). Loeb did suprise me with Ultimatum though...#1 was pretty good, as a matter a fact I think it was better than the entire Ultimates 3 series. I also thought his Ultimate Cap annual was decent.

I'm really enjoying your blog! Yours and are my faves but that one isn't being updated as much as it used to.

Andrenn said...

From what I've heard, Uncanny X-men is basically Fraction's sex fantasies with X-characters. Now I don't mind sex in comics, thats fine, but there comes a time when the line between tasteful and fanservice gets crossed and from what I've seen, this book crossed the line into absurdity.

Hulk has been a fun, but undeniably stupid series. I still love it seeing as it's not to the point where it isn't fun to read, like the Hulk comics where in the 90's.

As a whole, I liked Ultimates 3 and actually think Loeb is doing a good job. Sure, he's not Bendis good or Millar good, but he's on his way to that level of enjoyability. I think it's just taken him a while to get used to it is all.

Kirk is no doubt busy with his life and all that. I've been there for sure. I also watch his blog and enjoy it, but I don't mind the delays in posts. But yeah, I'm glad you like the blog and I look forward to seeing what you think of future stuff here.

Keith Gammage said...

Whilst Uncanny isn't at its best, I don't think one can say Bru and Fraction have ruined the title yet. It wasn't all that good to begin with, and while its had some very bad moments under thier penmanship, its also had some very good ones. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt as they've had to do a lot of setup for the new status quo, and things look like they'll pick up soon. Although, I've been saying that since the end of Messiah Complex.

Now if I can just get enough time to go down to the store and pick up the stack of comics waiting for me.

Andrenn said...

While I'm coming to Uncanny with a fairly weak level of excitement, I am still interested to see it. One thing I'm hoping is done well is Colossus dealing with the loss of Kitty. We haven't seen a lot of that and the solicits make it sound like we'll finally hear more about it. That is something I look forward to for sure.

Cat said...

I thought the Bru issues of Uncanny were OK. Here's my big problems with it right now: Madelyne(?) in Dominatrix....why? The constant stating of how great SF, CA is...enough already. And I guess the other on is the art.....everyone always smiling...go back through and look how much everyone smiles. Especially Cyclops. It really got on my nerves. Maybe it'll be better with Dodson. I wanted to like this book so bad....kinda like how I feel with Winnick's Titans right now.

Andrenn said...

I definitely would rather they kept Madyline dead. Land's art is also another problem of mine, I used to really like his work but his stuff nowadays is atrocious. Though Dodson's looks good, he can actually handle a wide range of emotions, which is nice.