Thursday, November 27, 2008

Andrenn's Pull List

The first edition of Andrenn’s Pull list was a smash hit as I’d hoped, and now we return to my pull box for some new additions/drops. Now we’re going a bit to the “maybe add/Maybe drop” with 2 items, but 2 others are firmly on the list now.

Batman and Detective Comics
To be removed after “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”

DC doesn’t really have much to offer for me outside of Batman. While I’ve been somewhat interested in Superman over past storylines, the character himself is what pushed me away. The only franchise DC has left that truly kept my interest was Batman, and it looks to be shifting for the worst. While I’ll stay the course until February (that is if DC can get these comics out on time) I have no further interests invest in DC and their heroes. Outside of All Star Batman and Robin, for now, I am done with DC. Now the post-RIP stories all sound and look both interesting and well done, but really, I have no interest in Battle for the Cowl and what follows. Though if Dini and Nguyen team up again, I may poke my head in curiously, following February I’m done with Batman and his shenanigans.

Savage Dragon

Image comics is slowly becoming my new home for comic book entertainment, as I start finding it’s characters far more appealing then the “world altering” crap Marvel and DC fling each year. While I’m still faithful to Marvel, DC has lost me and Image is really grabbing my attention. Savage Dragon is officially back on the list, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times now, and looks to be one of those premier Image books that everyone invested in the future of Image United will want to check out. Though I’m not sure just where Savage Dragon goes, what with the world now going to turn against him, I can only hope it’s up to the skies.

Jersey Gods
I Am Interested in Adding It!

After reading a hilariously well done and cool looking preview in Invincible #55, I’m interested in this series. The art looks cool, though not exactly to my tastes. Still, if the ongoing series can capture the same greatness that few page preview had, I’m sold. Though I am waiting a bit, after the second or third solicit, if all sounds and looks good, this will be on the list.

Mighty Avengers

There are 3 reasons I am going to pick up Mighty Avengers.

1st, Dan Slot is involved and while I’m sad to see him leaving The Initiative, I look forward to seeing what he does with Mighty.

2nd, It looks to be a prominent post-SI comic, similar to others suck as Dark Avengers.

3rd, Vision and Stature look to be on the team! That right there is pure awesome. If this is true, I will read the series forever.

Now granted, I’m not exactly sure what to think. Bendis did a good job with the first set of stories and I’m interested to see where Slott goes post-SI, but really, I’m not even sure how this all will be. Marvel has been pretty tight-lipped about it, which is odd for them, and has got my scratching my head in curiosity. So while it’s on the list, I’ll reserve judgment if I’m excited for it or not.

Dark Avengers

Added mainly for Mike Deodato’s amazing art, but also for the fact that I’m very interested in just who these people are. While we see what looks like Ultra Girl in her new Marvel Girl persona, Venom or perhaps another symbiote, classic Hawkeye and Wolverine, who the hell Iron Patriot is remains beyond me. Either way, Dark Avengers is on the pull list and has my utmost attention as far as where we go when the Dark Reign comes.

And so ends Andrenn’s Pull List, I’m glad I was able to finish this up before I go, seeing as in about 2 hours I’ll be on the road. Again, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving today and overall a great week for anyone who doesn’t celebrate the holiday. Expect Week’s End when I return Sunday, but until then, enjoy the holiday and don’t fill up on stuffing, have some Turkey.

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