Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week's End

So the thanks have been given, lets give a little more thanks today as we take a look at the best of the best this week, with Week’s End.

Comic of the Week: Thor: Man of War one-shot

A pretty good week for comics this was, and Thor stood up and took that hammer to everyone’s face! While I’ll admit, the action was a little overbearing here compared to some of the better moments we got in Reign of Blood, I can’t help but still love this. The fights where all great, characters where great despite what few moments of dialogue we got and overall Fraction and Zircher told an absolutely great story. Though I doubt this will ever tie back in to the main ongoing Thor series, unless Fraction where to ever write it, the Ages of Thunder one-shot of series was still a great read and Man of War was a great concluding chapter for these must have tales.

Moment of the Week: Batman #681

As great as the overall action to this issue was, we got some good moments from all the comics this week, this final page to R.I.P just stood out the most to me as a reviewer/fan of Batman. We’ve seen that faithful night in Crime Alley revisited again and again, and somehow it never gets old. This last moment between Bruce and his father, speaking about Zorro and how Gotham needs their own Zorro was absolutely brilliantly well done and was a great ending for the series. Though there are still many questions left unanswered after R.I.P, this ending really felt like a true grand Batman story ending and I obviously enjoyed the hell out of it.

Cover of the Week: Northlanders #12 Massimo Carnevale

I’m not even buying this series, though I have shown interest, but this cover is absolutely stunning. I can’t really find a lot to say about it, but either way, I was very impressed when I saw this cover, the coloring and effect of it all, very well done by Massimo.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Week: Secret Invasion #8

I’m sure no one is surprised by this, but yes, the conclusion to SI still has my interest. I am not as frustrated with this delay as I was with other book delays such as R.I.P, mainly because every other issue has been right on time and worth the wait each month, at least as far as the artwork. I’m not really sure where we go with this, I have a feeling this will really just be more set up for Dark Reign then really ending anything. Still, it should be interesting, I’m getting all the Dark Reign one-shots just in case and I’m ready to see what Secret Invasion’s end brings. Expect it to be reviewed as soon as I can.

So there is Week’s End for you, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend and that you, like I am, are now counting down the days until Winter Break starts. But until then I’m just fine with enjoyed the beginning of December, so I’ll see you all around tomorrow for Month’s End.

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