Friday, November 14, 2008

Image Solicits for February 2009

Another month, another batch of solicits. While I was tempted to do a 3-in one thing again with the solicits I think I’ll do a thing here with Image Comics and 2 in 1 for DC and Marvel. Some interesting things coming in February for Image, let’s see what I’m picking up.

A quick note, I am posting this in place of Collection Spotlight for this week. Though I will for sure post one next Friday, New Avengers: Illuminati will be getting the Spotlight next week.

Image solicits for February 2009

Spawn #189

So we now know the name of our new Spawn, Jim. But is this guy 47? I speculated in the forums that 47 may not be the new Spawn, but is a key reactor for the new Spawn and that he’s what starts in motion the new Spawn’s power. Though he’ll probably be called Jim in this month’s issue, proving me wrong once again. But hey, this mentions how the new Spawn will like his power. I’m glad we’re going to see that so sooner then I thought we would, that’s something that I really look forward to seeing about this new direction, the Spawn who enjoys the power. Sounds great and before I end this commentary, that cover is wicked awesome.

Invincible #59

I’m not 100% sure if we’ll be seeing this as promised but I’m keeping faith in Kirkman and this editor he’s working with and that they’ll keep their promise of more timely schedules on books like Invincible and Walking Dead. It says that Invincible is a menace, judging by how everything has been playing out these last few months, I smell a set-up for Invincible: Enemy of the World type stories where Invincible goes overboard, kills someone big accidentally, then all Hell is after him. Should be interesting!

Witchblade Annual 2009 #1

I’m rather torn here…while on one side, this sounds great and I still get my Witchblade dose every month. That, and with a one month break, maybe Sejic can get back to an early in the month release schedule for Witchblade, but at the same time…I get no Marz/Sejic magic for a whole month! It’s no secret I’ve been loving what these 2 have been doing with Witchblade, turning it into one of my all time favorite books, and I’m sad to see they won’t be on it, even if only for a month…but wait, Jay Faerber is on writing duties…that makes this a little easier. I also kind of like Balsuda’s art. While I’m not a big fan of his, he does good work regardless of how similar it seems to Marc Silvestri’s, at times. Also, this story sounds pretty damn good, it’s Witchblade’s first ever Annual…while I’m still torn, I’m going to pick this up, and probably love it as much as I still love the series.

Broken Trinity HC

For those wondering I will review the final issue, and it’s tie ins, to Broken Trinity. And for anyone who missed out on it, here’s your chance to pick it up. Now while I was pretty annoyed with all the damn delays this series received (Only 2, but annoying nonetheless) I will probably pick up the HC just because I’m a HC nut like that who loves to increase my book shelf every chance I get. So I will no doubt pick this up, despite the price tag of 35 bucks.

So that’s it for the Solicits for Image Comics. For anyone who’s been around longer then a month or two, you may notice I went a bit more in depth then I usually do with the solicits. Often it’s just a sentence or two, but I figured that since I’m doing a post about only 4 comics, I should damn well go into those 4 comics for you. I don’t know if I’ll be like this with the Marvel/DC solicits but I will try to add more meat to these types of posts when I can.

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