Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week's End

The week has ended and with the Week Ending, it’s another edition of Week’s End that happily follows behind.

Comic of the Week: Wolverine #69

I doubt anyone should be surprised here, it was my pick for most anticipated comic and as I’d hoped, it was great. Now I’ve yet to actually get my hands on the issue but with the aid of the internet, I know what happened. Saw online scans, etc. While it seems that Millar is really taking his time building this to a real solid story, this chapter was strong enough to keep me hooked. McNiven’s art continues to be gorgeous and overall, Old Man Logan is turning out to be a real must have storyline. I also really enjoyed the moment where Logan is crying and trying to prove the point that he doesn’t like killing anymore, then he’s happy with his little life. It’s one of those oddly touching and personal moments, where it doesn’t seem all that great at first glance, but when you look into it, it’s very powerful.

Moment of the Week: Wolverine #69

For those who may notice, I did indeed cut off the final panel with the old guy making a joke about how Logan and Hawkeye where “looking like ladies” or whatever the hell stupid joke he was about to make. Now as I mentioned in the Comic of the Week above here, this was a nice moment and I really liked it. I’m sure many people will gloss over it as Logan just desperately pleading to forget the past, but I felt it was very well done and I hope we get stronger and personal moments like this as the story progresses.

Cover the Week: Batman: Cacophony by Adam Kubert

I don’t know who looked at the original Cacophony cover (which I won’t post, just to spare your virgin eyes if you’ve yet to see how bad it was) and said “this looks like crap, can we get a good cover?” but I want to shake that person’s hand and thank them. This cover is just out of this world knock me out and upside the head good! And this was a tough decision, this was a really great week for covers, Cacophony and Detective Comics where head to head for best cover, but honestly, how could I not take one look at this wicked cover and not pick it as the best cover of the week? It’s incredible.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Week: Spawn #186

This was actually a very tough decision here. While I’m incredibly psyched to see more of Endgame and see where it goes, at the same time, the preview for Uncanny X-men actually looked pretty good and looks to be a good read. But Spawn still wins here because while I’m interested in Uncanny X-men, I currently love Spawn and can’t wait to see what we get with this issue. We see, from the preview, rumblings for just what comes ahead in Endgame, and hopefully by the end of this issue the new Hellspawn will be established.

So that’s it for this Week’s End, check in through the week for the Commentaries on Marvel and DC’s solicits, the two will be in one past on Tuesday, for anyone wondering. I also have several new ideas and cool posts I want to try out over these next few weeks that I am excited about writing up and getting out there, so look forward to that. But that’s all I’ve got to say today, folks, so until we meet again you have yourselves a great Weekend.


Cat said...

I've really been enjoying Millar's Old Man Logan storyline.....especially since Hawkeye has always been one of my fave characters. Haven't read Smith's Batman yet but I like the cover too. Looking forward to ore of your reviews!

Andrenn said...

I'm glad you're looking forward to the reviews, I've only got about 16 bucks on me for comics so the comics I'll be reviewing are

Spawn #186
Uncanny X-men #504
Invincible #55
Broken Trinity #3
Wolverine #69

Will all be reviewed come Wednesday