Saturday, November 1, 2008

Month's End

The darkness lifts as the dead return to their graves, the children safe despite the sacrifices to save them. The world is at peace for the moment, and it is time for a new article here at New Age Comics.

Month’s End, as the title says, reflects Week’s End our Weekendly post summing up the best things of the week in comics. Now we’re doing one better for the entire month. While we already had Comic of the Month, this is taking that up a notch. Now don’t worry, Week’s End will still be here at the end of each month. Just tomorrow, and with it, if I cannot finish writing them up tonight, the first ever Open Fire! Reviews.

Now for a look back on Halloween, my Halloween was pretty good, got to hang out with friends, pizza, and of course the candy. One of the highlights is that I downloaded Splatterhouse 1 and 2 for my Wii’s virtual console. 1 is a lot harder then I remember from when I last played it, but 2 is just plain great. I may review them sometime in the future…after I get around to writing up that Megaman 9 review of course.

So that’s it as far as a little introduction is concerned, now onto the Month’s End.

Comic of the Month: Ultimate Spider-man Annual #3

I was tempted not to pick this just for possibly sounding biased since it just came out, but really, this was an incredible read. I’m skipping USM until Ultimatum hits in December, for it at least, and have not been on since Bagley left last year. But I’m putting that aside for the sake that I love Ultimate Spider-man in all it’s Ultimate glory. This story dealt with a few different things, most notably sex I would suppose, and it was done incredibly well. Add that to David Lafuente’s great art and we have a solid book. If you can’t find it in your LCS, pick up the March on Ultimatum HC coming out in January, it will be worth having this in it.

Moment of the Month: Captain Britain and the MI13 #6

I had glossed over this moment that Week’s End, and forgot to mention Captain Britain in the solicits like I’d planned. But this is a major thing. I’ve been long debating to get this series or not, and after this, I’m pretty sure I’ll check it out soon. Always loved Captain Britain, but uncertain if this title could hold itself. That, and I’ll check out the Omnibus by Alan Moore and Alan Davis in January.

Cover of the Month: Amazing Spider-man #573 zombie variant

This gets the win for being a great zombie variant mainly. Since October is the Halloween season boosts that as well. Spider-man looks great, the classic falling apart Zombie, and Green Goblin laughed so hard he ripped his face in half! Perfect.

And now we end the awards with a new little idea I had. With this, I look forward to the next month and pick out the comic that has me most interested.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Month: Spawn #186

This was tough, Ultimatum looks awesome and Dark Origin looks like it will finally pick up but overall, I'm incredibly interested to see where Spawn goes from here. The message boards are on fire with speculation and while it was a great opening chapter with 185, 186 looks to be where we get some answer and doors unlocked.

Now that is not all for Month’s End, we also take a look at the coming month and what may interest me or not.

I am hopeful that Broken Trinity #3 finally gets out so we can be done with this storyline and move on. I’m rather frustrated with these delays.

Ultimatum debuts, and I’m pretty excited for it. While my hopes are not too high at the risk of them being dashed and shot down violently, I still look forward to seeing what the debut issue does and how it plays off the March on Ultimatum storylines.

Outside of that, I cannot think of anything prominent to bring up. So that concludes Month’s End. Check back tomorrow for the Open Fire! Reviews, as I don’t think I can finish writing them up tonight.


Cat said...

The Ultimate Spider-Man Annual was pretty damn good wasn't it?
That's the first time I saw the ASM zombie cover....pretty cool but I think the zombie covers have over extended their welcome.

Andrenn said...

Ultimate Spider-man is one of my favorite comics and the Annual was greatness. I'm hoping Bendis can keep a strong story with the Ultimatum tie-in.

The Zombie Covers are pretty much overdone. I think it's safe to say that we no longer need them and that next year, there should be none.

ChrisP_comicnerd said...

Andrenn said...

"I myself love ultimate Spider-man, great book. Though I'm a bit worried how Ultimatu mill shake up the Ultimate universe, there is rumor that Sue Storm dies."

Really/!? it must me interesting to read then!

Andrenn said...

Yeah, it was a great read. I reviewed it in another post, if you've yet to see it.