Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week's End

Though the month is new, the Week has still ended and that of course means that it’s time for a brand new Week’s End, with only 4 variant this time and 2 secret variants we didn’t tell you about.

Comic of the Week: Ultimate Spider-man Annual #3

I already covered this in Month’s End yesterday so I don’t have too much more to say. Mysterio was great and I look forward to seeing what he does and while I’m pretty sure that Pete/MJ didn’t have sex, it just leads into what could be an even more personal and interesting moment in the future of this great comic.

Moment of the Week: Ultimate Spider-man Annual #3

Pure comedic genius from Bendis. This was a fairly funny moment and it gets the win mostly because I can’t find any scans of the Spidey/Mysterio mash up. Either way, this was still a great moment and was hilarious.

Cover of the Week: Wolverine Origins #29 variant by Mike Deodato

Keeping with the great theme of Halloween, this cover was great. I can’t seem to find an image of the full cover, but it has Wolverine shouting “trick or treat!” which is perfect. Now I may or may not pick up Original Sin when it comes to Collection, but if I can find this variant I’ll buy it in a heart beat. Also, now that I think about it...Dark Avengers: Halloween Special, next year when October rolls around Marvel had better put Deodato on some kind of Halloween based book.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Week: Ultimatum #1

Taking a page from Month’s End where we look at the most anticipated comic of the month, now we’re looking at the most anticipated comic of the week. And the winner is Ultimatum #1 since it has the overall epic factor to it. Though I am very excited to see more Marvel Zombies 3 since from the preview, things are looking good. Dark Origin looks to be finally picking up to where we finally see Venom on his home world again. But as great a week as this is looking, Ultimatum wins overall and has me stoked to see what Loeb and Finch bring to the table as far as an epic story is concerned.

So that’s it for the Week’s End, I can’t finish the Open Fire! Reviews, tonight, so I’ll post them sometime tomorrow if I can. Until then, enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

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