Saturday, November 22, 2008

Solicit Commentary: Marvel and DC February 2009

Taking a page from last month’s Solicits Commentary (which is now the official name for this, for anyone who may have wondered) we’re doing 2 in one, DC and Marvel, rather then the two having their separate posts. Now look back to last Friday’s posts if you missed the Solicit Commentary on Image Comics solicitations for February 2009.

DC Solicits for February 2009
Marvel Solicits for February 2009

Batman #686 and Detective Comics #853

I put these 2 together since, and let’s am honest here; it’s the same story just with 2 different comics that link it. Now I myself here am really excited to see this storyline. A few months back Kirk Warren convinced me to check it out and since I mulled it over, I’ve been pretty excited to see what we get. I’m mostly happy to see Andy Kubert back on Batman. With only 2 issues, I’m hoping his art can keep up more solid then it eventually did with his work on Batman with Morrison, after a bit, I felt the quality drop there. But with only 2 issues it should go well. Also, this is my first time reading a Neil Gaiman comic since way back when he wrote that issue for Spawn.

Batman: Heart of Hush HC

Heart of Hush was a great storyline, Dini’s best work on the Detective Comics yet and I wouldn’t pass up having that masterpiece storyline on my book shelf for anything in the world. Well…maybe money, but you get my point, the storyline was great.

Practically nothing to say about DC. I’m sad to see series like Robin, Nightwing, Blue Beetle and Birds of Prey all being canceled. All poor decisions on DC’s part and this will probably bite them in one way or other.

But my only grudges pushed aside, let’s move onto Marvel.

Captain America #47

This sounds and looks great. I left Captain America for the 2nd time earlier this year; the Red Skull storyline just wasn’t doing it for me. But I may return come January to see what New Cap is up to. Though really, this whole idea of the Winter Solider aspect to Bucky getting back to him doesn’t really bother me much. I feel the best supporting character is Black Widow anyway…might as well call the Series Captain America and the Black Widow….actually that would be awesome. Marvel, make it happen.

Spider-man Noir #3

I continue to be excited for this series, and disappointed at the same time that it’s only 4 issues long. With any luck we’ll get a sequel series if its hero survives issue #4. David Hine looks to be telling an epic storyline, and judging from the preview of X-men Noir, this is the only Noir book I’ll be picking up. Also, just to comment, that cover is amazingly awesome.

Captain Britain and the MI13 #10

I’ve been considering picking this series up for a while, the return of Megan is the big reason but also, I have a bit of a history with the Cap. The whole Blade/Spitfire thing has really interested me and I’m glad to see it come to light more. But…man, that cover is such a waste of Immonen’s incredibly talents. So boring and simple, I would hope for better from him. Still, I’m gonna find a good jumping on point for this series soon.

Uncanny X-men #506

So by now we’re still with Emma in Scott’s head, or something like that…huh. I’m interested in Uncanny X-men, but I’m still not 100% sure about this. With any luck the storyline will pick up by chapter 2, either way, Dodson's art is enough to stick around.

X-force #12

With Clayton Crain back on art duties and a new arc starting up, plus Domino now a member of the team, I’ll probably use #12 to get back into X-force. Though it looks more like just continuing from the events of the first arc, somewhat like the current arc is doing, I still look forward to seeing what story is told here.

X-men and Spider-man #4

As mentioned in Andrenn’s Pull List earlier this month, I’m starting this series with issue #2. I’m not sure what to think about this storyline with Sinister taking on Spider-man and the X-men, but it should be interesting at the very least. Though truth is told, the only issue I’m really excited for or want to check out is #3.

Now to quickly mention on the Dark Reign stuff.

It’s all pretty much tightly under wraps still, but from the looks of it Dark Avengers is one of the premiere comics. I’ll be adding that to my pull list, along with Mighty Avengers for the sake that it’s Dan Slott and the Avengers, can’t go wrong. Everything else doesn’t interest me, outside of a few things I’m just going to mention here real quickly.

Secret Warriors #1

I doubt I’ll check this out. I don’t really care for the characters and I’ve never even heard of the writer. The only reasons I could think to check this out are the facts that it’s one of those big prominent post-SI comics and that Stefano Caselli is on art. That right there saddens me, Caselli leaving Avengers: The Initiative, he did an amazing job and really brought the book to a high level, it’s sad to see him go. But if the previews for this look good, I may check this out, even if just to see his art.

Black Panther #1

Anyone else getting tired of bull shit reboots? Seriously. Now I like the Black Panther, but last time I checked he wasn’t a chick. What the hell is up with this? I wouldn’t mind so much of I knew what the hell happened to T’Challa or something. Is that Storm? For the life of me, I can’t tell what the hell is going on here. I doubt I’ll check this out, but it does, at the very least, have my interest.

Ultimate Spider-man #131

Been a while since Spider-man tangled with the Hulk and this should be good. I’m not sure what to think of all the supporting cast in danger, outside of Mary Jane, I don’t care if anyone else really dies-well Kitty, but…outside of MJ and Kitty, they can all drown for all I care. Still…all this Ultimatum hoopla

Ultimate Fantastic Four #60

Pretty excited to see the finale to this series. I left when Millar left as the series to me became like a bad parody of the regular FF. I’ve still got some high hopes that at least Reed Sue and Ben live. Torch…meh, couldn’t really care. Always hated both the regular and ultimate version of the Human Torch so I’m fine with him dying. Also, solid cover by McGuiness, not perfect or anything, but nicely done.

Ultimate X-men #100

Another good cover by McGuiness, and again, another series that looks to be leaving before it would have overstayed its welcome. I’m not sure what to think of how the Ultimatum affects the X-men. The only ones I don’t want dying are Jean and Rogue, and from the looks of it, Rogue will probably die. And Jean…well she’s just a walking time bomb.

Hulk #10

By now everyone knows my thoughts on Loeb’s Hulk series, and I’m interested to see this story. It’s nice to see that both Hulks will be meeting again, as the book is a lot less entertaining with it being divided up. It’s also great to see McGuiness back in the art chair. But…I do have 3 problems with the Defenders. 1) Namor. He’s everywhere nowadays and it’s getting insane, he’s becoming the next Wolverine. 2) Doctor Strange, it feels like a bit of a cop out to have him randomly show up and work with Hulk when last year his leaving the New Avengers was for good reasons. I wish he’d stayed far away from the spotlight and 3) Silver Surfer, isn’t he on Sakaar right now? Eh, either way, I still look forward to this storyline.

The Stand HC

I decided to wait for this rather then read the series, just because as much as I love the talent behind it, I prefer to wait on comics like this as I have been with the Dark Tower books. Though if this is as good as everyone says, I may just have to get the comic.

Mighty Avengers HC

Collecting the first 11 issues is pretty epic; I look forward to picking this up for sure, since I can have both stories in one solid HC for a nice price. I missed out on getting both these stories in HC as the TPB’s are out now, I think I’ll just wait for this before I pick either up.

So that’s it for the Solicit Commentary. Sorry that it’s a bit later then usual, but don’t expect it to be delayed often. Come back tomorrow and check out The Week’s End.


Greg said...

I can't wait for Spidey Noir. I liked hte preview but the coloring is not to my favor of what I see for a noir tone.

And I recently picked up MI:13 for Blade. Good stuff.

Andrenn said...

The artwork for SM Noir looks awesome. I don't mind the coloring so much, but I'm a bit of a Noir nerd, I would have liked this in black and white.

I'm definitely going to check out the series. Cap Brit is a personal favorite of mine and I missed out on him in that Exiles crossover comic last year.