Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week's End

With a long week behind us and a shorter week ahead, let us stop, rest, and enjoy Week’s End.

Comic of the Week: Invincible #55

It was great to see the Nolan/Allen plot finally wrapped up, and in as much an epic crazy way as possible. Also great to see the reveal of the Viltrumites weaknesses. Add that to the advancement of Mark and Eve’s relationship and we have one solid comic. While not the best issue so far of the series, 55 did a great job, had some awesome art and as a fan of the series I had a great time reading it.

Moment of the Week: Invincible #55

Great funny opening page for the book, was hilarious how clueless Mark was and that Eve had to make the first move there. Still, this has helped show the tone of the relationship. Their serious, but not to the point where there is too much invested in this where it would be devastating if the other was lost. It’s obvious that Kirkman isn’t spending too much time on the relationship, but still showing the fans that it is important. Very nicely done.

Cover of the Week: X-men Legacy #218 by Mike Deodato

Always an artist for great expression and wicked images, Deodato does a great job here showing us the angry enraged Wolverine and calm as always Professor X. The colors look great and the shadow effects with the bars and Wolverine’s claws all look great, making this a great cover.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Week: Savage Dragon #141

Larsen hooked me back on with #140, a spur of the moment buy for me, and damned if I’m not back on. The preview looks great, seems his art must have been having a funky period last issue as the art looks back up to speed. I look forward to seeing the resolving of this plot and no doubt the furthering of the others.

And so ends Week’s End, get ready, put on your helmets and pillow suits as we’re getting ready for the 100th post here. Very exciting. But until I see you again, have a great weekend.

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