Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week's End

That sun did rise, the sun has set, and now it’s time, for a new Week’s End.
Rhyming is fun.
Now I've already edited this, taking out the notice that there is not Moment for this week. Usually, if I can't find a moment, I simply won't have that part there. I also changed the cover of the week, having found a better cover I had forgotten about.

Comic of the Week: Marvel Zombies vol. 3 #2

This was pretty tough, 3 great comics this week that I all really enjoyed. But in the end, Marvel Zombies 3 gets the win for overall best impression and leaving me psyched for more. The art was spectacular and I think this is the best anyone has ever written Machine Man. Yes, that’s right, even better than in Nextwave.

Cover of the Week: Ultimatum #1 white variant

I know it's just the final page with Magneto in a white back-drop, but damn if David Finch didn't knock this out of the park. A real wicked image and a great set up for more of the Ultimatum. Though since the series is delayed, already, I guess we should enjoy what we can of it while we can.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Week: Wolverine #69

This would have been, hands down, Detective Comics #850 but since DC decided to spoil it in the solicits last month I’m holding off on buying that comic. So rather the one comic I am excited for is Wolverine. I know in my previous post I mentioned how I’m considering dropping the title, but I have high hopes that this issue can convince me otherwise to keep with it.

So that’s it for our rhyming week’s End, check in sometime either tomorrow or Tuesday for our sing along Megaman 9 review. Until then, enjoy your weekend.


Cat said...

I'm really looking forward to Wolverine myself. Too bad for the delays, but it has been a consistantly good read. I may have to pick up Zombies 3 in HC or trade with all the good things I'm hearing about it :-)
Another book I'm looking forward to this week is The Stand....nice adaptation so far.

Andrenn said...

I am really hoping McNiven can start to clean up his messy schedule, because as good as it is, it's incredibly frustrating for me.

I definitely suggest you check out Marvel Zombies 3, and if not buying the comics, then definitely the collection. It looks to be epic.

I would be buying The Stand, as I am a huge Acquire-Sacasa (I spelled something wrong in that, probably) but I feel that books like The Stand will read much better collected, so I'm waiting for the collection.