Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dark Reign Commentary

I’m sure by now everyone’s seen the Online Spoilers for Secret Invasion, or at the least, read the issue themselves, if not, avoid this post as it is filled with spoiler-ific-ness.

Dark Reign Solicits

Now similar to Solicit Commentary, I’m going to talk about the various announced comics this day, coming through the following months. Now I know the ending to SI #8, even if I can’t get down to the shop…but expect it, along with various other comics, reviewed in the near future. I know I’ve fallen far behind.

Secret Invasion: Dark Reign

Damn it, damn it, damn it…I had hoped this wasn’t true, but it seems to be. Emma Frost is back to being evil. After all that development as a good guy, she’s evil just like that…but…looking beyond that major problem of mine, this looks to be good, Bendis and Maleev often = Instant Gold so I’ve got some high hopes for this. It looks to be interesting. For one, it’s great to see Dr. Doom doing something prominent like this again; he hasn’t been up to anything overly important for a while, so it’s great to see him at the front lines of Dark Reign.

Dark Reign: New Nation

This looks to be a simple “Here’s who’s in it, here is what their doing, this is what you need to know” but still good. I’m getting it despite being a big promo book, mostly for my interest in…Ronin and Mockingbird? What? I know Mockingbird is alive again, which makes me incredibly happy, but why is Clint still Ronin? I’m getting confused here…oh well; I guess this is a part of the New Avengers: Reunion coming later in 2009.

Invincible Iron Man

I’m not getting this, as the first arc didn’t draw me in much, but this still does look good. If things look good, I may check it out as Iron Man’s Status has shifted greatly come post-Invasion, seems everyone hates the old Shell head. It’s funny, Captain America was the same way after Civil War now it seems Iron Man finally looses some of the love and spotlight he got earlier. Oh well, all great heroes fall, as they say.

Mighty Avengers

That’s an incredible cover by Marko Djurdjevic, it’s a shame that he’s off as the series main cover artist as I’m sure he could turn in more amazing work. Oh well. Issue #20 sounds great and I really look forward to it, the fallout story with the new roster has my curiosity, mostly in that Vision and Stature are confirmed now and that makes me happy. Glad to also see Hulk as an Avenger again, it’s been too long. Overall, I’m really looking forward to this new generation of the Mighty Avengers, looks to be exciting.

New Avengers

So New Cap is now an Avenger eh? I’m sure everyone saw this coming, he’s against the Registration act so who better to go with then the unregistered? We also see what looks to be Luke Cage in desperate search for the baby, which is something that has me concerned as I’d really hate for a the cop-out dead baby ending like what Captain America did a few months prior. Still, the new roster looks good and I may check this out, I’m glad to see Spider-Woman is alive but I’m surprised to see her in the New Avengers, I figured she’d stay low until her debut series later next year, which I greatly look forward to. Overall, I’m not sure if I’ll be picking up New Avengers or not, it all depends really.

Secret Invasion: Requiem

I’m sad to see the Wasp go, she was a great character despite Bendis’ constant misuse of her. Hopefully Dan Slott can do her justice in the Requiem one-shot, and do a good job of putting this founding Avenger to rest.

Dark Avengers

The roster confuses the hell out of me, brown suit Wolverine, Black suit Spider-man, Hawkeye while Ronin is around, just what the hell is going on here? It’s a roster put together by Norman Osborn, which spells trouble…I think the Wolverine is Daken judging by the odd way his claws pop out, no idea about Spider-man and the others though. It looks to be picking up on Morgan Le Fay/Dr. Doom love affair plot prior to Secret Invasion, which I’m glad to see, and with Doom at the forefront of the Reign, this should hopefully have a reunion for the two. Overall, it looks really good and I’m pretty psyched to check it out, also, Deodato on art = Win.

Uncanny X-men Annual #2

As I stated earlier, I’m pretty pissed at Emma being evil again. I felt that all her development as a good character was very well done and that it seems to be rather unfair to just make her evil again. If the Dark Reign one-shot doesn’t sell me on it this month, maybe this will.

Secret Warriors

I’m considering getting this more….but still not sold on it, Nick’s reaction come SI #8 confused me so I’m not really sure if I want this or not, since he’s pretty much a solid jackass now. Really though, I’ll leave it to the previews to dominate if I check this out or not.

So that’s my Commentary on Dark Reign, expect reviews of these comics, at least most of them, in the future of New Age Comics.


Cat said...

Internet rumors abound have most of the Dark Avengers as Thunderbolts playing dress-up. Iron Patriot:Norman, Ms Marvel:Moonstone, Hawkeye:Bullseye & Spidey:Venom.
I really, really hope this is not true.

Andrenn said...

This would be really weird, but at the way things are going, I wouldn't be too surprised. The only one that would really confuse me is Spidey being Venom. Venom hates Spider-man, why would he take his image? But either way, I'm not really sure what to think, I hope it's not the Tbolts. They've already got 1 book to have the spotlight.

Keith Gammage said...

I still don't believe Emma's going evil. Especially after the 'Flaw' story in Manifest Destiny #2.

Andrenn said...

I would hope not, it seems she's not necessarily evil, just more...prone to stay on the side of whoever is on top.