Monday, December 1, 2008

Month's End

Yet another Month has ended, and with the Month Ending, comes yet again ,Month’s End. So put away the turkey and get out your Santa hats, it’s time for the Month’s end.

Comic of the Month: Marvel Zombies 3 #2

Rarely does a comic have such fun action and strong story telling that it has a staying power that keeps it on my mind and in my thoughts. I still remember Marvel Zombies 3#2 as if I just set it down after a first read yesterday. It was an incredible read and shows that Van Lente really has his heart in this series. Doesn’t just want to tell a story he or the editors are interested in, he wants to tell and interesting and cool story that us, the fans, are all interested in. And for that I was incredibly impressed here and look forward to issue #3 this week.

Moment of the Month: Batman #681

I know I posted this in the last post, but I have to really give some praise to this scene. This month had some great moments, from characters from Marvel, DC and Image, but really this was the best scene for me as a longtime fan of Batman and it really hit home for me.

Cover of the Month: Batman: Cacophony #1

Always greatness from the Kuberts, this cover is great, I especially love the red and black, as if contrasting between flashes of lightning and the darkness of the Arkham Asylum. Batman looks wicked as all hell and the bats beneath him is cool, overall, this is a great cover and the comic inside is great as well.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Month: Spawn: Book of the Dead Hardcover

I’m cheating a bit here, but if there was one “comic” that I am incredibly excited for, can’t wait to get my hands on it and that I’m counting down, it’s the release of the long delayed Spawn: Book of the Dead HC. I can’t even remember how far back this was solicited to release anymore, but it’s been too many years waiting and I, as a longtime Spawn fan, am very excited for this. For one, it’s David Hine’s last work on Spawn, which makes me a little sad, but at the same time, I’m sure he did a great job as he’s got a real knack for Spawn and I can’t wait to see what he wrote, I also of course look forward to the art, but really, David Hine’s name on the cover is what really sells it as an absolute must have for me as a fan of his work. So really, I’m buying this both because it’s Spawn, and because it’s David Hine writing Spawn. Expect a review of this as soon as I can.

And so ends Month’s End, as the month ends. As the Holidays roll up, expect a Christmas-oriented post or two (sorry if you don’t celebrate it, but as my grandpa said “F*** Happy Holidays it’s Merry Christmas or whatever else you celebrate”) but mostly, despite it being the season, not a lot of posts will really mention it. Maybe a Holiday Buyer’s Guide, just because there’s some great books/movies/games/collectibles I wouldn’t mind suggesting for anyone interested. So that’s all from me, see you around and enjoy the beginning of the Christmas season.

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