Saturday, December 20, 2008

Week's End

It’s our final Week’s End before Christmas, and our last regular post for the year because following this is my Christmas post and a very special end of the year post. Though if I can get around to reviewing books on Wednesday, which I’ve got my doubts. I will. After Christmas shopping/other books from this month, my wallet is sitting on empty, only a bout 7 bucks…but hey, that’s enough for at least 2 books! So yeah, lets get onto the Week’s End

Comic of the Week: Uncanny X-men #205

I’m sure there are some confused faces over this. After all, my appreciation for Fraction’s work on the book has been less then satisfied and I’ve overall shown very little interest in it. But this issue, from what I read about it online, was great! Fraction looks to finally be spreading his wings to tell a good storyline here, he hits some high notes with the X-characters and somewhat ties the book to X-force oddly enough, which was nice. Overall, I have to say I was impressed.

Moment of the Week: Invincible Iron Man #8

I’m not reading this book obviously, but I have to say that once again Fraction impresses with this little twist that Tony has the entire Super Human community in his head. It’s a little more complicated then that, so for a full explanation check out Rokk’s Comic Revolution and his review of the issue. I have to say this was impressive and it almost makes me re-think not reading this series…then I remember it’s a pointless reboot for the movie and I feel fine again.

Cover of the Week: Spider-man Noir #1 by Patrick Zircher

Patrick Zircher is an artist I’m not very familiar with, but his work on the Thor Ages of Thunder series was great and his covers for Spider-man Noir have also been great. He really catches this eerie dank and dark mood around Spidey as he descends from who knows where. It’s a simple, but at the same time, great cover.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Week: Spawn #187

This was a pretty hard choice, this week looks to have more great comics coming and Spawn just happens to be at the top of my list. While other books like Batman and Savage Dragon all look great I have to give credit where I can and my credit here goes to Spawn for last month’s cliff-hanger has me itching for more. And I’ll say this now, by the end of #187, we need a new damn Spawn. Jim either transforms here, or I need to be fair and start faulting the book because 3 issues is as long as you can take to introduce a character properly. We’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, now it’s time for Jim to kick some ass.

So ends Week’s End. Check back either Thursday or Wednesday for our special Christmas post “Andrenn on Christmas” which is basically a bit about me talking about what Christmas is to me. And following that, a very special end of the year post. And so we end our Week’s End, I’ll see you all around, have a great weekend everybody.


Cat said...

I know what you mean about Uncanny. I actuall added it back to my pull after cancelling it with 502. it may have hope :-)

Andrenn said...

Glad yo hear you're interested in it again. If Fraction continues to write as well as he did this issue, I may just stick through even when *shivers* Greg Land is back on art.