Monday, December 29, 2008

Week's End

I know it’s late, but I had a crazy busy weekend and it looks like things aren’t slowing down. Tomorrow expect a review of the only other comic I got last week, Spawn, as I got Book of the Dead along with it. I may review if it anyone would like me to, but if I do review it, it won’t be for a week or two. Now onto Week’s End.

Comic of the Week: Batman #683

While I will admit, this issue was kind of frustrating for the first half, by the second half in which Batman escapes, it was a truly great issue. It almost makes me want to buy Final Crisis! Almost…but I’ll stick to online spoilers. Now I will admit that last week wasn’t the best week in comics and this issue wasn’t mind blowingly well done, but I still liked it very much.

Moment of the Week: New Avengers #48

We saw this coming, I know, but man this was a great scene. Bendis is really doing a good job on New Avengers with the start of Dark Reign. I’m considering picking it up as this issue was filled with some good moments. Billy Tan’s artwork also seems to have greatly improved since his rather poor work on Uncanny X-men. Still, this story of Luke searching for his baby really has me on the edge of my seat.

Cover of the Week: Batman #683 by Alex Ross

Something very eerie about this cover makes it so damn good. I guess above all things it would have to be the crippled Barbara Gordon looking into the shadows and the Blood-stained smiling Joker head. Just very eerie and ominous. It captures a lot of the tone of what Batman has been over these past several years and for that, I have to seriously take note of this great cover by Ross.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Week: Wolverine #70

It’s going to be a couple of months until the next chapter of Old Man Logan…again. But still I look forward to checking out this one. It tells the story of what made Wolverine into Old Man Logan in the first place. It looks incredible from the preview and knowing Mark Millar he has a really messed up twist for this.

So that’s all for this Week’s End, check back tomorrow for a review of Spawn #187 and come back Thursday for Year’s End.

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