Friday, January 16, 2009

Andrenn Update: It's a sad, sad day...

It’s a bit of a bad day, folks. A while back I made an overview of all the comics I would be keeping and dropping, well a lot has been added to the drop list. Why? My pull box is filling up faster then expected and money is trickling in for me so I can only buy a couple of books at a time. That being said, let’s just…show the list of dropped comics.

Uncanny X-men
Spider-man Noir
Ultimate Fantastic Four
Ultimate X-men
Batman: Cacophony

Now I’m not exactly ecstatic to be dropping all these books, most of them I was enjoying and was happy to be reading. But see my LCS has a policy that if you have 3 cards of cardboard in your box, that I have a week to get all the comics out before I’m booted. As of this week I was at 2, though alleviated that a bit.

So all these books are now on the “wait for the trade” list.

I’m sorry to be dropping so many books, I may not get Thor either but for now it’s staying. But the person who owes me 30 bucks can’t be me until February and the way things are going, I’d be booted by then.

I’d love to return Uncanny X-men back to the pull list sooner down the road, so hopefully at least that one will return.

What does this mean for reviews though, you may wonder. Well hopefully with a bit less on my back, I can get reviews out on a more regular basis and keep up with the pull box a bit easier.

So that’s it for this quick, yet sad, Andrenn Update. I haven’t done one of these in a while and I figured this may be important enough at least to mention in an update. Have a great Weekend and enjoy MLK day, everyone. Expect Week’s End sometime tomorrow.


BrikHed said...

sorry to hear about this - cutting books because they stink is one thing but financial reasons are never fun

cat said...

I know how you feel. Many years ago(man I feel old) I had to drop lots of books due to having other responsibilities. It's only been over the last 5 years that I've been a bit more financially secure and can buy most of what I want. But I still miss the days when I could grab a handful of change and go buy 2-3 comics. Just last year I started going to conventions or the first time. Talk about deals! You can find tons of recent books for half or more off cover price.

Greg said...

Damn. :(