Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week's End

After a sad day yesterday, lets cheer up with something good today, Week’s End.

Comic of the Week: Witchblade #123

Invincible fought hard but just barely missed the mark. Witchblade had Sejic’s incredible artwork and an awesome fight going for it. Also the cliff-hanger was better, leaving me itching for February. Marz and Sejic are an incredible team and Witchblade remains at the top of my list of most recommended comics. Seriously, anyone interested, check it out.

Moment of the Week: Witchblade #123 and Final Crisis #6

I think I finally see what may be the catalyst for the War of the Witchblade. Sara thinks Dani was stupid for using the Witchblade to help Finch and thinks she’s being irresponsible, so she wants the other half back to stop Dani from making a crucial mistake later on. Still this was a great cliff-hanger for this issue and as mentioned above, leaves me psyched for February. With Broken Trinity all wrapped up there’s nothing to hold Sejic’s time and get a delay on the book. I’m really excited for Witchblade in 2009.

All right all right, huge moment I'm sure. Something about this is fishy of course. Already the internet is infected with theories on Batman if he is truly dead or not. Personally I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, either way Mahnke knocked the art out of the park here and I enjoyed this moment. Too bad it's about all I enjoyed of FC #6.

Cover of the Week: Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #3 by Juan Doe

Leave it to Juan Doe to steal the show. We had some good and cool covers this week but this one stole the cake and ate it. I’m not reading the book and I doubt I will, but damn whoever decided Doe should do covers was a genius. His style and ability to capture realistic looking images along with it is amazing.

So that’s it for Week’s End, probably on Monday expect The Week Begins. Have a great weekend everybody.

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