Thursday, January 22, 2009

Solicit Commentary for April 2009

Oh Solicit Commentary, like an old friend I’ve missed. Welcome back! Now as you know I’ve dropped DC from the solicits since I am no longer buying any of their books outside of All Star Batman. It’s just Image and Marvel for me.

Marvel Solicits for April 2009

Image Solicits for April 2009

Spawn #191

This is a cool looking issue. Now I got 188, was nice to see Spawn finally even if just as the comic ends (more on that with tomorrow’s reviews) and I must say this direction is taking it’s sweet time. This cover looks to be a good old fashioned Spawn/Angel fight. Been way too long since we had one of those. It’s like…pizza not having cheese, just wrong. Also, that cover is absolutely amazing, god bless Capullo.

Invincible #61

Invincible is a series that you always expect to have a certain status quo in. No matter how bad the shit hits the fan, you always expect the world to remain intact by the end of the day. The same can be said for Marvel or DC, no matter how bad things get you can usually lean on that dependability. Kirkman seems to have realized this and is about to bitch slap that all to hell! Damn…it mentions a lot of heroes are either dead or in the hospital, the world in shambles, not a pretty sounding storyline…honestly, all I’m hoping is Eve makes it. I can see a pretty good foreshadowing of her death. Still looks like an exciting story, can’t wait to check it out.

Savage Dragon #147

That’s an odd cover by Larsen, seems to be going for more of an abstract feel from the looks of it. This is leading into #150 later this year, I can see it a mile away. Everyone is in danger? Dragon back to his roots? Shit is about to hit the fan for him.

Witchblade #126

That cover gives me a baaad feeling. I like Dani as a character but I’m going to be seriously pissed if she kills Sara. Still, Witchblade remains my favorite comic right now. I’ve been told by Ron Marz that #124 is done and at the printers as we speak which is great! This storyline is looking to be epic. I’m also glad that it looks like that mysterious figure mentioned in last week’s issue reveals himself sooner then 100 issues from now.

Daredevil Noir #1

Of all the characters that could make Noir work, it’s Daredevil. But I’m already missing out on Spider-man Noir adventure as it is. I am glad to see Marvel branching out sooner then later.

All New Savage She-Hulk #1

A New She-hulk…that should be interesting. It’s written by Fred Van Lente so I doubt it could be too bad really. I may check it out, he’s a great writer and the story sounds interesting to say the least. My only real problem is Marvel's insistence on recreating heroes or making new versions of them. It's getting old real fast.

TimeStorm: 2009-2099 #1

I think I’m in the minority of people who absolutely 100% loved Marvel 2099 and everything about it. Was it messed up to a level? Hell yes. But I love messed up. It’s also one of the more under-appreciated things from Marvel’s past. This is a must have for me, no way I can miss out on the return of 2099. This promises the return of Spider-man 2099 and Ghost Rider 2099. How ironic, the best 2 characters from the 2099-verse!

Wolverine #72

Revenge? Oh hell…I really, really, really hope Logan’s family is okay. It would suck to kill them off at the end, but then again, this is Millar, he’ll pull something sick and twisted out of his head. Like…Logan’s wife getting pregnant by the Hulk gang or something twisted and nasty. But hey, he’s going after the president in this issue? That’s going to be fun as all hell to read! But come on, McNiven better now wimp out and make us wait another 2 months from this to the final chapter

Wolverine A-palooza!

You know I’m looking over the X-part of the solicitations and…goddamn, how many Wolverine books can you get out in one month?! I think the Wolverine Movie comes out this month because I’m counting…at least 15 Wolverine books! Jesus Marvel…why don’t you just go stand on the corners of streets begging for money? Oh well…I’m tempted to get Wolverine: Weapon X because it’s rejoining Jason Aaron and Ron Garney and these guys did an amazing job on Get Mystique.

Messiah War

Damn, damn, damn, damn! I want to read this so badly…Stryfe was another thing that was awesome about the 90’s…he finally comes back and I ain’t getting the storyline. Well…I can be patient for whenever the HC comes out. At least…I hope I can.

You Know I’m noticing something else…what’s with all this 8 pages of Director’s Cut crap? Some script and sketches? Yippy. Is that supposed to make me feel better about 4 dollars on one comic? Nice Try Marvel…

Mighty Avengers #24

Okay, call me crazy but what’s the point of saying someone is the main series artist if their not illustrating every issue? I love Sandavol’s artwork but I’m finally enjoying Pham’s and he’s taking a break? Damnit! Well this issue at least sounds great. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch confrontation should be great. I just really hope Pham is going to return in May. I mean just look at that cover! It’s awesome.

Secret Warriors #3

I gotta get this series. I can’t keep watching all these trailers and previews and not think “Must have” from the looks of it. I may have to trim my Pull list even more…*sigh* but this looks great, no way I’m missing out on it.

Spider-woman #1

YES! It’s about ****ing time! I am so stoked for this! All right, more…trimming must be done because there is no way I’m missing on this either! This looks great, it’s been the thing fans have been clamoring for years now! Bendis and Maleev, together again, an ongoing series, and it’s about the best character Bendis has written since he grabbed the MU by the balls. I am so stoked for this! Its…another damn 4 dollars but…it will be worth it!

Ultimate Spider-man #133

I was going to drop Ultimate Spider-man since I’m not getting Ultimatum but…damn…the end? For real? All right Bendis…I’ll play your game.

Dark Avengers #4

All right, it’s fairly obvious that this ties into Morgan Le Fay’s thirst to kill Doom. I’m guessing something like she uses magic and forces the Dark Avengers after him. Should be a good read most notably since Bendis writes an incredible Dr. Doom and I’m sure he’ll be as great as ever in the pages of Dark Avengers.

Marvel Zombies 4 #1

I’m actually bothered that this is coming out so soon. I’m sure it will be great as volume 3 was incredible, but seriously, already? The previous 2 volumes all debuted in October, it was kind of cool to have them like that since it was around Halloween. I guess though that the HC will be available by then though. Still, psyched as all hell for this as I’m a big Midnight Sons guy.

Marvel Zombies 3 HC

Too bad to see Land’s first cover wasn’t used. It was an awesome cover that paid homage to an awesome series and awesome character…awesome. Still I look forward to picking this up and adding it to my collection of Marvel Zombies Hardcovers

Thor: Ages of Thunder HC

It’s about damn time! I thought Marvel would never get this out. And hey, they went with the best of the 3 awesome covers! That’s great! I’m seriously excited to get this and get it on my book shelf as soon as possible.

Spider-man: Torment HC

Another minority I seem to be in is people who absolutely loved Todd McFarlane’s Spider-man book. He seriously hit this one out of the park and I loved it. Again, another book I can’t wait to get my hands on and add to my book shelf.

Spider-man 2099 TPB

I was hoping Marvel would eventually reprint these. Awesome! Now all we need is Ghost Rider 2099 and we’re good. I loved this series as it was a brilliant and wicked take on Spider-man in my opinion. Too bad it isn’t being reprinted as a HC, that would be perfect.

So ends the epic Solicit Commentary. I’m sad to say I won’t be reading Jersey Gods, at least not for a while. But oh well. Look forward to reviews tomorrow.


BrikHed said...

You know I am down with SPAWN and INVINCIBLE, but SECRET WARRIORS is my return to Marvel (just for this though). I am a huge Jonathan Hickman fan... he has FOUR Marvel books in April, I might kill the guy

Keith Gammage said...

I love the Mighty Avenger's cover. I think I'll have to add MA to my pull list.

Greg said...

Man, finally they're collecting Spidey 2099 after I find a good number of the issues for some nice prices! Ah well! Can't wait! :-D

Andrenn said...

@Brikhed: Secret Warriors does look great. I'm not at all familiar with Hickman as a writer and this is my first hearing of him. But damn it looks great.

@Kieth Gamma: Definitely check it out if you're interested Keith. It's looking to be a great run.

@Greg: I noticed it's 30 bucks for the TPB. I'm regretting my idea of it being in HC.