Monday, January 19, 2009

The Week Begins

Happy day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Well I was grateful for the day off and 3-day weekend, all great things must come to and end, and with them, a new beginning. And so, the Week Begins.

Mighty Avengers #21 * Most Anticipated of the Week*
Written: Dan Slott
Art: Koi Pham

This was a really tough decision. It came down to this or Dark Avengers. I’ve seen the preview for both, and despite them both looking great, Mighty Avengers looks better. From the preview we can tell Slott read Young Avengers Presents as Vision/Stature are once again confirmed as a couple (YES!) and the Scarlet Witch is back within the span of a few pages. It looks to be a great storyline that I’m excited to read. But we’ve also got Pham on artwork. I was very worried at first, his stuff during Secret Invasion was disappointing. But damn, this looks incredible. I’m excited as all hell for this book, Slott may have finally found his big break that really gets him in the heart of the Marvel Universe.

Dark Avengers #1
Written: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mike Deodato Jr.

Bendis is great at starting off a storyline. He’s one of those writers that can get you hooked from the first issue, but can either go the way of “great from start to finish” as was the Venom Bomb arc in Mighty Avengers or “great from start weak on Finish” as was Secret Invasion. From the preview, it looks great. Bendis doesn’t seem to be trying to make this a replacement for Ellis’ work on Thunderbolts like I felt he may try and Deodato’s art looks great. The Dark Avengers are the premier team of 2009 as their already going to be showing up in Herc and Thor and of course taking on the New Avengers and that all starts here. I’m psyched as all hell, but at the same time, not sure it will be great. I’ve got high hopes, but not quite as high as I do for Mighty. Still a good looking book.

Spawn #188

Written: Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin
Art: Whilce Portacio

Looks like things are going from bad to worse for Jim judging by the preview. I hope this means that we’ll actually see him as Spawn, doing things as Spawn through out the entire book. That would be great! I’m also hoping for a longer read then last month’s issue as last month’s felt a little too quickly read. Still, loving the hell out of Endgame and really looking forward to seeing what we get from here on out.

Now I would be getting Spider-man Noir #2 and Uncanny X-men Annual #2 but…well, you know. I may try and pick up the Annual still just for my curiosity about Emma and the fact that the art looks stunning. But that’s even if I get some cash by then, I’m struggling to get 10 bucks as it is. But bah, enough about that. So those are the comics I’m picking up this week! Look forward to reviews, hopefully sometime soon.


BrikHed said...

There appears to be a lot of AVENGERS in your pull. Aren't there like 5 books in that franchise now (New, Mighty, Initiative, and Dark)? That will cause a guy to go broke :-)

Andrenn said...

Yeah, Marvel is really pushing the Avengers tittle these days. Won't be too long before we're getting one-shot Avengers books every other month ;)