Monday, January 26, 2009

The Week Begins

Another not so big week for me. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have as many big books on your plate like before. Still, some great looking ones, let’s take a closer look as the Week Begins.

Batman #685 *Most anticipated comic*

Written: Paul Dini

Art: Dustin Nguyen

It’s funny that the spotlight is of Catwoman taking over an issue of Batman, seeing as she had her own ongoing series just a few months back. Well, not so much funny as sad…but anyway. This looks like more Dini/Nguyen greatness, the preview looks great and Nguyen draws one hell of a Catwoman. Though really I wish she’d kill Hush in this issue. I’m sure a lot of people don’t want Hush to die, or at least Catwoman to kill, but it’s not exactly like she wouldn’t do it. She’s killed before and I doubt she’d really go nuts over killing again. Besides, Hush is a villain that only Dini has been able to make work, I’d rather the character not pollute any other stories anytime soon.

Savage Dragon #144

Written and Art: Erik Larsen

I’m seriously surprised at how long it took for this issue to come out. Larsen was on a Bi-Weekly roll and I was loving it. Still that doesn’t ruin the issue or anything I just was really eager to see where we go now from the reveal of Jennifer’s death. I’m hoping this issue is more Savage Dragon and company dealing with the reveal and interactions with each other, then the public bitching out poor Dragon. Still, either way, should be an awesome read as Savage Dragon is a great and solid book.

Ultimate Spider-man #130

written: Brian Bendis

Art: Stuart Immonen

I was ready to drop this book. Despite how good it’s been, there isn’t too much sense in reading a book tying in to a series if you’re not reading that which it ties in to. That rather defeats the purpose of a tie-in, it’s to add more to the ongoing story. Still, I’m hoping Bendis can do a good job of keeping this farther away from Ultimatum and more in it’s own secluded interesting aspect of the events of Ultimatum.

Amazing Spider-man Extra #2

Written: Dan Slott and Zeb Wells

Art: Chris Bachalo and Paolo Rivera

I may or may not pick this up. Of course for the Anti-Venom story as Anti-Venom was one of the few good things about New Ways to Die. It looks great from the preview, both story and art, and I’m interested to see what the old black and white Brock has been up to. Though other story about Wolverine doesn’t interest me in the least.

Final Crisis #7

Written: Grant Morrison

Art: Doug Mahnke

I’m considering if I’ll get this or not. From the preview it looks god awful really, more jumbling mess from Morrison. Though Mahnke’s art looks seriously great here and I’m impressed that DC got this out on time. I’m also not so sure if Batman is dead, so I may pick up this issue just to see if he is or not. Then again, I’m not so sure. I may, I may not.

That should be it for this week of comics. Now just to let everyone know, yes, Secret Warriors is now on the pull list and I am stoked for it next week. Now expect a new Bi-Weekly post to start up as of Friday. But you’ll have to wait ‘till then to find out what it is.


BrikHed said...

don't give in to Final Crisis #7

Andrenn said...

If I don't have the spare cash on me then I won't. Though I would think you would look forward to me tearing into FC #7 ;)