Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week's End

What a week what a week. I missed out on some awesome looking books like Spider-man Noir and Uncanny X-men Annual, but I still got 3 comics I was looking forward to. But the Week Has Ended, and with it comes Week’s End. A warning right now, I know a couple of the people reading this blog read X-factor, if you don’t want this week’s issue spoiled for you, don’t read this entry.

Comic of the Week: Dark Avengers #1

Bendis actually surprised me with this issue. I had some hopes for it but I had never guessed it could be this awesome. Though as I’ve said a few times, Bendis is excellent at starting off a series with a bang. This is his specialty almost. Though I’m not sure of the series can keep the magic going, Mighty Avengers’ opening arc sure didn’t, but this has a ton of potential and for that I’m excited in wanting more. Bendis gave a near perfect issue #1 as it hooks me as a reader and leaves me wanting more.

Moment of the Week: NO BABY FOR YOU! X-factor #39

Oh my god…Peter David is an evil genius. When I first read the online spoilers, I was horrified then disgusted. Then I was emotionally gripped and shocked, then I was impressed beyond belief. While I don’t feel the overall issue was as good as this moment, oh my god, Peter David is a ****ing genius and I both love and hate him for this. Yes, the baby is no more! It was a child fathered by Jamie’s dupe, so the son of a dupe is a dupe, so Jamie accidentally absorbed him. Now Syrin wants him dead (for good reason, mind you) and it looks like ol’ Jamie is about to hit rock bottom hard. I feel for the guy, things finally look up, you’re a father, then your kid gets absorbed into you? Hey man, it happens. Jamie should have known his kid was doomed the second he saw that Marvel logo on the cover to X-factor. Marvel Universe, a place where no babies are allowed, no matter how cute or touching they may be. Let that be a lesson to all you fans who ever get your hopes up for this kind of shit. Not going to happen.

Cover of the Week: Dark Avengers #1 YG variant by Marko Djurdjevic

I love the Young Guns variant stuff that Marvel does every now and then. I saw this at my shop for 10 bucks, wanted to buy it, could have bought it. Didn’t buy it. But man, just look at that depiction of Iron Patriot, and Normal looks wicked as all hell. I wish Djurdjevic would get a job as the full time cover artist for Dark Avengers like he was with Thunderbolts.

So end’s another Week’s End. Sorry I couldn’t find a scan of the baby-absorption. But trust me, it’s a heart wrenching scene. I read through the issue at the shop a little bit and I was stunned at how intense it was. So yeah, that’s it for Week’s End, have a great weekend everybody!


Cat said...

At least your shop had the Dark Avengers variant for $10. Mine had it for $20. Of course they always over price them :-)
Good review though! Between New & Mighty, I think this was Bendis's best Avengers opening ('s not really..the...avengers, but you know what I mean)

Andrenn said...

My shop is weird about variants, some go from 5 to 25 bucks. it's a little odd.
Glad you liked the review, I look forward to reviewing/reading #2 of Dark Avengers soon.