Saturday, January 31, 2009

Week's End

This was a good week, no real bad comics, 3 great comics that I loved. Picking a best is going to be hard…

Comic of the Week: Savage Dragon #144

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this issue. Just Dragon dealing with his officially dead wife really, but I was very impressed. Erik Larsen tried a new way to catch up on things for the up coming reboot next issue. It’s basically jumping from moment to moment/day to day and it was absolutely great. We got some disturbing moments like the “Rex doesn’t have a penis” from his new bride. We also saw Angel give Malcolm a kiss. It…aren’t these 2 brother and sister? I know this Angel is like from another dimension or something. But still…it’s creepy. Though really this was an awesome issue, more cameos from characters like Spawn and Shadowhawk which was great and I really loved the hell out of this issue.

Moment of the Week: Shadowhawk needs to stop calling: Savage Dragon #144

A running gag through this issue is that Shadowhawk kept that medallion he stole from Solar-Man’s layer and whenever he wants some help, Dragon, Invincible, Witchblade and spawn all show up to help. Most of the time he’s just a pain in that he’s dealing with his own baddy and he accidentally brings them to him. This is the only time though that they where actually needed it. It was brilliance and I loved it. Seriously, if Valentino doesn’t ever do a Shadowhawk mini again, at least let Larsen write it?

Cover of the Week: Justice Society of America #23 by Alex Ross

These Faces of Evil covers have been an odd thing. While in the case of Detective #852 and other comics, the covers are awful and it doesn’t really work out that well. Though in the cases of a capable artist like Alex Ross, the scheme works out perfectly. This was a tough decision between Black Adam and Catwoman. Both had 2 amazing covers, but Black Adam wins for the lightning effect and that badass look on his face.

Now these next few days are a little busy. Tomorrow is Month’s End and following that an advanced review of Scarlet Veronica #3 (more on why it’s an advanced review then though) and Tuesday is The Week Begins. I got last weeks comics today so expect them either reviewed separately Wednesday or allotted with this week’s upcoming comics should I get them. But that’s all for tonight, have a great weekend.

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