Sunday, February 1, 2009

Month's End

2009 is in full swing and with it comes a lot of new things. A new president, new movies and of course, most important, new comics! January has ended and we’re into 2009’s second month, February. But before we move onto this exciting new month, let’s spotlight some of the cool stuff from last month.

Comic of the Month: Dark Avengers #1

Things are looking up for Bendis as of January. 2008 wasn’t really his year. Sure he spear-headed Secret Invasion but that really didn’t work out so well. Really the invasion could have been of evil psychopathic bunny rabbits that eat ankles for all we care. The whole point, in the end, was that Osborn killed the head of the Invasion and for that everyone loves him. Now Bendis starts out 2009 strong with a great first issue of Dark Avengers, a new series that shows some incredible promise and is just brimming with potential and strong characters. Mike Deodato Jr. on artwork also helps as he continues to turn in incredible work showing what could be a perfect team for a damn near perfect book.

Moment of the Month: NO BABY FOR YOU! X-Factor #39

It’s hard to even think of something that could top the sudden gain, then loss, of the baby in X-Factor this month. I said my peace for the poor little guy, Peter David is a sick genius and He’s so evil that I love him. It’s such a huge tragedy that I can understand Jamie’s condition as of #40. Things are looking only worse for him. Then again, isn’t ‘things getting worse and worse’ what the X-books are all about?

Cover of the Month: Dark Avengers #1 Young Guns variant by Marko Djurdjevic

Marko Djurdjevic can do no wrong it seems. Rarely are his covers bad or disappointing and more then often, like this cover, their stunning and wicked as all hell. Not much more I can say on this really, except for that any of the following Young Gun variants will pale in comparison to this one.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Month: Witchblade #124

Witchblade continues to be my favorite comic out right now. Things are finally heating up as the War of the Witchblade is about to begin! Though first we have to have what leads into this war, and from what we’ve been told, that starts here. Ron Marz himself says that the issue is done and ready to hit shelves in a week or so, and I couldn’t be more excited!

That’s it for Month’s End. Check back tomorrow for an advanced review of Scarlet Veronica #3.

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