Sunday, February 8, 2009

New York Comic Con Thoughts

Conventions bring hype and excitement to the world of comics, and you know where there’s something exciting, Andrenn isn’t too far behind!

So each day of the Con with announcements I’ll be saying my thoughts on these announcements. It may not be the longest post ever or most extensive, but I’ll point out what looks great to me and hopefully hear your thoughts on what you think on these things.

X-Force: Sex and Violence

A 3 issue mini-series focusing on Wolverine and Domino? Cool. It’s written by the 2 guys on X-force? Awesome. Painted artwork? I’m on board! It’s only 3 issues so I don’t thin it will hurt my wallet too bad. Though I’m not so sure where it really will go or how important it will be. Still, I think that it could be a great read and the art will no doubt be awesome, so I’ll check it out for sure.

Young Avengers…sort of

*raises hand* Uh, Marvel? Yeah, that’s…not the Young Avengers. People have been asking for a new YA series for a while now, and when we get one…it’s not the YA we all know and love? Call me crazy if that’s not giving someone a piece of cake only to smack it out of their hands. It’s by Paul Cornell and Mark Brookes a team that did an excellent job on Young Avengers Presents #4 last year. From an interview, it will indeed have the Young Avengers in it…huh. Well I guess I’ll buy it then, still, weird to see a new team already…


I want to save my overall opinion and full thoughts on Haunt for an upcoming post I’m working on for it, I’ll keep hush about that by with the NYCC was the long awaited announcement of art team Greg Capullo (lay-outs) and Ryan Ottley (Pencils) and I’m stoked. Glad to see Ottley will be doing both Invincible and Haunt. I guess my only problem is that Haunt will, every so often, have a skip month. I understand fully but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. I’m just saying. But outside of that, looking forward to Haunt.

Ultimate Spider-man…Volume…2?!

No, I’m still not going to jump back onto Ultimatum but…holly hell in hand-basket, color me surprised at this announcement. Ultimate Spider-man has long been one of my all time favorite comics and I’m very sad to see that now that the series has had a strong issue count, we’re going back down to issue #1. It feels almost like a cheap marketing ploy to get new readers. But of course I’ll be there. To be honest, I’m glad Immonen is off the book, he’s a great artist but I think he’s better suited elsewhere, Lafuente looks to be perfect for the job! There’s also the possibility that Peter won’t be Spider-man anymore, seeing as this is taking a long gap between the ends of Ultimatum where this series picks up. Bendis created the Ultimate universe and while he hasn’t been as lucky with the main Marvel Universe, I have confidence that this reboot will be as awesome as Ultimate Spider-man always has been. I also must admit, Bendis is a damn good pitcher for these things as he’s really got me excited to see where he goes with the new volume, I’m hoping MJ/Pete stick around but I’m not so sure they will. He says they’ll be doing things no other Spider-man book has done before…teenage pregnancy? Eh, it’s a thought. Still, really excited for more Ultimate spider-man through Ultimatum and to see where we go come volume 2.

Old Man Logan Finale: Giant Sized Special

I don’t know if I’m excited to hear that the finale to what has to be one of the best Wolverine stories so far will be jam packed big, or frustrated that it’s probably going to take a good chunk out of my wallet. I’ve been loving Old Man Logan, and counting down the day (not really) to when chapter 6 comes out next month. On one hand, this means that Millar and McNiven can wrap everything up without having to jam and condense the ending like so many other comics have had to. On the other hand, it’s no doubt going to be more delayed seeing as McNiven will have a lot more to draw. Still, looking forward to both the finale, as well as more of Old Man Logan.

Batman, everything you hate and nothing you want.

So DC announced the following lists of “new” tittles. Though a series called Batman isn’t so new as the Batman book has been…ah, you know.

- Batman
- Batman and Robin
- Red Robin
- Outsiders
- Batgirl
- Batman: The Streets of Gotham
- Gotham City Sirens

All right, let’s break this down. Batman and Robin is up first…uhm…really now? Really? Robin doesn’t get his own title anymore? That’s just sad. Red Robin? God no…no…no no…no…no. Jason Todd is an abomination and the idea of giving him his own ongoing just…ugh…no. A new Outsiders series? Again? How many times can you keep rebooting this series before you just start begging the fans for money? A new Batgirl ongoing…could be interesting. Streets of Gotham sounds interesting, not sure what to think of it. GC Sirens sounds interesting as well, not much to say on it. Greg Rucka is taking over Detective Comics with J.J. Williams the 3rd on art. It will be starring Batwoman. While I’m sad to see Dini/Nguyen off of Detective Comics, this looks promising. A great team, writer and artist, and Batwoman has been sorely missing in the Batman books for too long now. It’s about damn time she got back into the heart of Gotham…I may check this out. Still, a lot of unappealing stuff from the looks of it. Too bad, DC. Too bad.

Dark Wolverine: Another ‘brilliant’ idea!

All right now, whoever thought “hey, lets change Wolverine to Dark Wolverine and give Daken his own ongoing series as he takes over! I mean hey, it’s not like the series has been building up or anything and that we’d want to give Wolverine a spotlight for an epic 100th issue, right?” Needs to either be fired, or go see a doctor. Why can’t Daken just take over Wolverine: Origins? That’s the most useless, give it a real purpose for once. But oh well, no sense in complaining, Marvel’s made their bed, time to lay in it.

Halo: Never gonna give you up!

Marvel seems persistent in pushing their Halo books. That’s just fine, mind you, but I’d rather they have gotten the okay from Bungie finally and ended Uprising before announcing 2 new mini’s. but at the same time, these Mini’s are being handled by 2 very capable writers and artists, Peter David and Fred Van Lente will be writing their own mini with Eric Nguyen on art for David and Francis Portella on art for Van Lente. It sounds cool and it could be really cool. I like the Halo adaptation books, much more then Halo 3 to say the least, so I may check these out.

So that’s it for my thoughts on the Con, if you want to find out these articles for yourself just follow the links I’m going to post at the end of this post. Check back tomorrow for The Week Begins.

Ultimate Spider-man volume 2
Wolverine Finale
Dark Wolverine
Young Avengers


BrikHed said...

I am with you on Batman 100% - it is dead to me. I was shocked to see the art on Haunt but Robert Kirkman, Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo, and Ryan Ottley - that could be the headliners at a convention not the creative team on a book. I am there.

Keith Gammage said...

Yeah, its really Dark Young Avengers, but they're confusing us by leaving out the dark part.

Andrenn said...

@Brikhead: It's sad that Batman has taken such a bad turn. Outside of Batwoman finally getting some attention none of this really looks good.

@Keith gammage: I hope we get a good contrast between the Young Avengers and the Dark Young Avengers.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?