Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week's End

The Week may have ended but this is an exciting weekend as New York Comic Con is afire with buzz and excitement. Now I have been writing up thoughts on some of the reports these last 2 days and yes, tomorrow they will be posted. But for today, let us look back on the week before a Con came to New York and look back on the best of the week with Week’s End.

Comic of the Week: Witchblade #124

With only 2 comics read it wasn’t a hard choice, Secret Warriors simply didn’t deliver anything I was hoping for and Witchblade went beyond the call and it was another amazing read for me. My review summed it up perfectly but really I don’t have much more to say other then: Buy Witchblade!

Moment of the Week: God of Xbox!

Something about Phobos playing Call of Duty was more funny and cooler then the reveal at the end of the issue that Shield has been under Hydra command all along. Call me crazy of a young God of Fear kicking ass online and wanting pop-tarts is better to read then Fury getting all pissed off.

Cover of the Week: Magneto: Testament #5 by Marko Djurdjevic

Djurdjevic has done an awesome job with all the covers for this series and while I’ve been waiting for the HC to read it these covers alone is enough incentive for me to check it out. This cover was best, despite lack of Magneto like the other ones. Mainly for the fact that Djurdjevic just pours on the pain and anguish in the Soon to be Villain’s face. I don’t know how he did it, he had to have stabbed himself with a pencil before eh drew it or something.

So that’s it for Week’s End, expect a sum up of all the articles and announcements that caught my attention from the New York Comic Con tomorrow. But for now, have a great weekend.

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