Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekly Haunting, Part 1: Spider-Haunt!

Introducing a new mini-weekly series of posts, Weekly Haunting!

For the next 3 weeks following this week, every Thursday, I’ll post my thoughts on the upcoming Haunt teaser images. CBR will release the teasers every Wednesday so I’ll post my thoughts on it every Thursday.

Now let’s show this week’s opening teaser image of Haunt.


All right, for the sake of critique, let’s start out with the obvious bad parts of this new look for our hero.

For some reason he’s got Spider-man Eyes. I know McFarlane had a long tenure drawing the old web-head but the similarity in the eyes is uncanny. While I’ll admit, the original Eyes weren’t much better. Just simple read eyes. It was better then this Spider-man wannabe look.

Another obvious look-alike to Spider-man is well…the goo. All 12 year old jokes aside that he’s shooting out some weird goo from his hands, this is…weird. Spider-man can pull it off because of the Spider part to his name. Batman can use a grappling hook to swing around because it looks awesome. Haunt? Well with him this just looks creepy and rather disgusting.

Though I could be jumping the gun. Some speculation has been that this is more of a parody image, a joke at Spider-man really in that Haunt won’t really do this and it’s a joke.

God help me, I hope it’s a joke.

Now for the good. I like the new color. The light blue from the original design was all right but this dark grey just seems to work with the idea of a dark haunting figure such as Haunt is supposed to be.

They kept the swirls and I like it. The more cryptic designs look cool and it helps Haunt stand out from some heroes who have a specific symbol or emblem that represents them. Whereas Haunt is just covered in these mysterious looking black swirls, it’s cool.

I kind of like the mask like look with his lower jaw showing. Leaves room for more facial expressions to be seen, the kind that can’t really be seen with a straight forward skull face like the original design. I’m hoping that this is one thing that sticks come series debut.

So that’s all I really have to say for now. I know it’s not the most extensive post like some but hopefully you enjoyed my thoughts on the first of the upcoming 4 Haunt teasers. I myself am excited to see the series come Summer 2009 and look forward to hearing more about it.

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