Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weekly Haunting, part 2: Pure Awesome in a Can.

Still being haunted it’s time for another edition of Weekly Haunting. Where we take a look at the 4 teasers for Haunt, coming June 2009. This time the art is by series artist Ryan Ottley.

All right, I’m still not sold on the ecto-goo. Though I’ll admit that Ottley makes it look a lot cooler and he’s really got a cool thing going with the claws and how the goo comes from his hand.

Now I don’t have the exact quote from Kirkman, but I remember something about Haunt having some murder mystery as to the brother who gets killed, haunts his living brother and they form the super hero. This could be an interesting angle and it’s a key point in the story, so good that they mentioned it in the teaser.

Haunt himself in this image just looks badass as all hell. I wasn’t sure what to think of the top half of the mask/lower half his face but now I really like it. Ottley obviously had a good time drawing this badass image of Haunt and was no doubt excited to make Haunt look as wicked and cool as he could. He succeeded, flying colors.

While the last teaser wasn’t really bad it lacked some of the emphasis to make Haunt stand out. In McFarlane’s image he looked like a Spider-man template with something new colored in. Here he looks much more unique and original and it looks great. Though I’m sure future covers from McFarlane will be great, his prior image/cover was just all right compared to this awesome teaser.

I also like the colors a lot here, Haunt looks great, the goo looks a little less…creepy and his eyes. Man, Ottley must have been envisioning fire when he drew those eyes. The glow just looks purely wicked awesome, I hope the colorist does this throughout the entire series in that Haunt’s eyes are always glowing as this looks great.

Overall a really cool teaser and it leaves me excited to see more next week.

So that’s it for this edition of the Weekly Haunting. Check back tomorrow for a surprise, Most Anticipated Comic of the 2009.


BrikHed said...

i don't know what to think yet - i love the team and i trust in all of them but the teasers are just hard to take serious

Andrenn said...

I think Teasers can always be fun to have a look at and analyze even if their so far off from what happens it's annoying (OMD and Secret Invasion teasers for example)