Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Haunting, Part 3: Revealing that which isn't hidden.

Another Thursday, another haunting. With the 3rd of the 4 CBR Haunt teasers here it’s time to take a look and give our thoughts.

All right, another image we saw prior but this time colored. The thing that catches my eye most is the colorist is not Fco, the guy doing Invincible’s coloring. Someone named Kelsey who I am not familiar with. I must say there is a noticeable difference in the coloring alone; this is a bit more toned down then Fco’s usually bright and slick coloring to Ottley’s art.

It’s a great piece of art by Ottley, he continues to impress me and make me glad he’s the artist on this series.

The goo continues to be mix of good/weird for me. Here it looks a bit better then in the prior two images, but it’s still really weird and out of place looking.

That gruff angry expression is great, Ottley definitely knows how to do emotional work and is skilled in showing all kinds of emotions/faces. Here Haunt is clearly pissed off and about to do some serious damage, if we get stuff like this in the pages of the book then it will be great.

A side note about the expression, I continue to love the whole “burning eyes” thing Haunt’s got going.

Then there’s the text…“All Will be Revealed”

If Haunt was at it’s 70th issue or something and we’ve had dangling plot threads like in Spawn and other comics that would make a lot more sense. I know that there is a mystery to it but this is more something you’d want to tease for the issue that will solve that mystery. Otherwise you’re just telling us ahead of time something we already figured was coming, the truth as to the brother’s murder.

This is definitely the case of “I don’t know what to write here, lets just repeat what we last said but re-word it” which is all it really is.

Still if teasers have taught me anything in the past it’s not to take them too seriously and really over-analyze them (yet here we are)

Overall it’s another awesome teaser and it gives me more confidence in Ottley’s artwork for Haunt, coming June.

That’s all for this haunting, check back tomorrow for comic reviews of Jersey Gods #1, Dark Avengers #2 and Invincible #59.

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