Monday, February 16, 2009

The Week Begins

The Week Begins…I gotta try and think up more clever openings later on.

Invincible #59

Written: Robert Kirkman
Art: Ryan Ottley

One more issue to the epic crossover next month. It almost makes me wish this issue where past. That right there is always the big problem when you’ve got some epic upcoming issue like next month’s ,it makes it hard to enjoy this month’s issue or really anticipate it at all. Still it looks good from the preview, should be another solid good read hopefully.

Dark Avengers #2 *Most Anticipated Com
ic of the Week*
Written: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mike Deodato Jr.

After a great opening issue I’m psyched to see where we go from here. It’s fairly obvious that Morgan Le Fay is the main villain throughout the opening plot and it’s up to the Dark Avengers to stop her, hopefully Bendis can keep things interesting and going well, unlike the Ultron arc in Mighty Avengers. I am not sure really how this arc will go, it’s 4 issues and it could go either way of cool and wicked fun or annoying and weird, let’s hope for cool and wicked fun as where Bendis goes from here is crucial.

Not a lot to it this week. Still enough to justify me trying to get down to the shop either this week or next week. Check back soon for Solicit Commentary.

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