Monday, March 2, 2009

The Week Begins

A bit of an interesting week we’ve got here, going to comment on some comics I won’t be getting. Those comics are New Avengers: The Reunion, War of Kings and Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine.

Secret Warriors #2

Written: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Stefano Caselli

After a disappointing first issue (I seem to be the only person in the world disappointed with it at least) I’m not sure if I’m excited for this series anymore. While Hickman is a competent writer and the first issue wasn’t really bad or anything I just wasn’t feeling the team aspect to this team book. Maybe I’m crazy here but there’s little to no point in buying a team book if the team isn’t the main aspect. I’m buying this for the Secret Warriors, not Hydra and Nick Fury’s little grudge match. Though I must admit it looks cool from the preview, I’m just not so sure anymore. I’ll give it the 3 issue rule where 3 issues in if I’m not liking it, it’s getting dropped.

Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine


Art: Lienel Yu

This looks great from the preview. It’s been what, a couple of years since the last issue and I’m sure everyone has a right to be pissed over it and skip this. But wow, the preview looked great and if this series ever finishes anytime soon I wouldn’t mind picking up the collection.

New Avengers: The Reunion #1

Written: Jim McCann

Art: David Lopez

From the preview this looks pretty bad. Mockingbird is a total stuck up bitch and Ronin is an absolute moron/petty jackass. To be fair, McCann hasn’t been writing much, he just started writing a couple months back from what I understand. It’s too bad because this could be a cool book but this looks rather mediocre. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and it will be a great read, but from a first glance it doesn’t seem that way.

War of Kings #1

Written: Danny Abnett and Andy Lanning


Just want to comment on this quickly, it looks awesome and if I was in to Cosmic Marvel I’d check it out. But Conquest…I tried that last year and it really disappointed me. If I heard good things I’ll check out the collection but that’s it.

Jersey Gods #2 *Most Anticipated Comic of the Week*

Written: Glen Brunswick

Art: Dan McDaid

After an awesome first issue, I made sure the guys at my LCS said they where now ordering it for sure and that issue 2 would be in my box. I’m still a tad skeptical but…well fingers crossed. Either way I’m psyched to check out issue #2 as it looks to be another great read. I’m hoping we move on more to Barock and Zoe’s developing relationship, but this here is still a cool way to start the series. Also, Cooke does the best covers, I hope he does more JG covers in the future.

So that’s it, expect nothing tomorrow and reviews on Wednesday as I’m not sure I can pick up my comics anytime soon.


BrikHed said...

I agree on SECRET WARRIORS - and I am a huge Hickman fan but I have it listed on my potential drop list already.

I think Jersey Gods will deliver in a big way. It is always hard to start a new book

Keith Gammage said...

Kick Ass Komix got their first shipment on the new system today, but there were no comics for me. Hopefully next week.

Andrenn said...

@Brikhed: I'm pretty psyched for JG#2, really hoping my LCS doesn't screw up again.

@Keith: Glad to hear their getting in comics and I look forward to possible future reviews.

Cat said...

New Avengers The Reunion was actually OK. A couple of misteps with some dialogue but pretty interesting. Of course I could be biased since Hawkeye(Clint) & Mockingbird are my favorite Marvel characters. I'm not too crazy bout her new costume though and even less enthuised that Clint is still Ronin.