Sunday, March 1, 2009

Month's End

The month is over and to wrap things up as always we use Month’s End

Comic of the Month: Batman #686

February had some really great comics, Witchblade was pure awesome as always and Spawn finally turned it around. Ultimate Spider-man continues to shine but undeniably the first of the 2 part end of Batman story was the best of the best, and that’ really saying something. Gaiman has won me over and has me biting at the nail for the final chapter to this awesome story.

Moment of the Month: The butler did It! *Batman #686*

The idea of a character not being who they seem has been played over and over again in comics and movies. Betrayal and shock often ensue. Despite not even being canon, the idea that Alfred is the Joker had me stunned and impressed. It was like a weird mix of being impressed while being stunned. This issue was just filled with tons of great moments and this topped them all.

Cover of the Month: ASM #587 by John Romita Jr.

Such an ominous cover, from what I’ve heard it doesn’t reflect well on the comic inside the cover but wow. That still impresses me.

Most Anticipated comic of the Month: Invincible #60

Despite #59 being a big disappointment, I’m excited to see how, or even if, Kirkman can pull off this massive crossover. This could be a cheap cash in with every other panel a different character, or a meaningful and exciting story involving a huge selection of awesome characters. Fingers crossed readers of the New Age, fingers crossed.

So that’s it for Month’s End, The Week Begins shall be posted tomorrow.

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BrikHed said...

I will give you two points on this End of the Month. Alfred as The Joker and the Invincible #60 are both point on amazing. Well done