Monday, March 30, 2009

The Week Begins

The Week Begins and we’ve got some good looking comics coming with it.

Jersey Gods #3 *Most Anticipated*

Written: Glen Brunswick

Art: Dan McDaid

I am very excited to see where we go from here. I’m hoping for more Barock/Zoe discussion even if just a little at the end as this series seriously has me itching for more from these two. I definitely recommend it if you’re interested in something new with a little bit of a classic feeling to it.

Savage Dragon #146

Written and art: Erik Larsen

I don’t know why but I’m considering dropping this. I’ve been loving just about every issue, the characters are great, it has more heart then the average comic and I just really enjoy it but I just can’t seem to be excited about it for some reason. Though I want to read it for a while and see if there is any good reason for my possibly dropping it, or if I’m just being weird.

New Avengers: the Reunion #2

Written: Jim McCann

Art: Dave Lopez

After my general negativity on the first issue, from the looks of things this series might actually be pretty good. I doubt it will be as Reunion filled in that I’m pretty sure these two won’t fall back in love but…wow it looks pretty good. Though I probably won’t start picking it up on the stands, I will definitely check out the collection.

Secret Warriors #3

Written: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Stefano Caselli

After a better 2nd issue I’m feeling more confident in this young series, it looks great from the preview and with the return of Nick Fury’s former love, it should be a great read. If this issue does go bad though I’m not sure if I’ll keep the series. Still I’m staying positive and hopeful for it.


Dan McDaid said...

All I can say about issue three is that Zoe and Barock are never far from each others' thoughts...

Andrenn said...

Curses! Well thank you very much for stopping by, I still really look forward to issue #3.

BrikHed said...

You have to watch what you say with crazy people like Dan wondering around.

It too am geeked for JG #3

Andrenn said...

I'm watching my back now. And I should be able to get JG#3 tomorrow so Expect a review probably tomorrow.