Sunday, March 29, 2009

Month's End

With the month over it, like always is time for Month’ End. I wanted to try and incorporate some things from Week’s End, some new additions, but I think I’ll wait until next Month’s End for that.

Comic of the Month: Wolverine #71

I hate to say it but something about March of 2009 just didn’t feel as interesting or epic as most months have. Though this stuck out as the best of the good. Lots of cool moments, absolutely incredible artwork, I seriously love this storyline. Though I can’t help but wonder how this all plays out now, Millar has pretty much turned down the dark from “worry” to “their ****ed” and it’s really stomach churning stuff.

Moment of the Month: By bye Rex! From Invincible #60

While this issue wasn’t everything I had hoped to be, it was not without good moments and this stuck out to be the best. I doubt anyone saw Rex’ death coming as he’s been a fairly neutral character for the last several issues. But it was an epic and truly heroic way to go.

Cover of the Month: Witchblade #125 covers by Chris Bachalo

This is starting to look like a more condensed version of the last Week’s End. I have to throw in something extra now. But yeah, the se covers together are really incredible as I’ve said I really dig them and wish I could find Cover B.

The “Ugh” of the Month: Delays of Course!

So it seems that delays continue to plague some of the best comics out there. I’ll give Ultimate Spider-ma benefit of the doubt as I think it is just being delayed because of Ultimatum. Then Savage Dragon got delayed by a week, I guess that was probably something at the printers really or last minute stuff. But it’s still annoying, of course. Especially since Larsen has already been finishing up on #148 from the looks of it. But then we have the seemingly missing 2nd chapter to Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader, and I’m done not getting annoyed. I can accept that Kubert couldn’t get the second chapter out by February, but really, all of March? Really?

Artist of the Month: Steve McNiven

I know I know “but it takes him 2 months between issues” or so. It’s annoying, but come on, the man has the most sick eye for detail I’ve ever seen. He’s one of the very, very, very few artist who when they have a delay, it’s well worth it.

Most Anticipated Comic of the Upcoming Month: Jersey Gods #3

Added “Upcoming Month” as when I said “Most anticipated comic of the month” it sounds like I’m looking back on the comic that excited me the most. Now with Jersey Gods #2 I was officially hooked to the series and am excited to see more, though April has so much I can’t wait to read. Time Storm being a close second, more Secret Warriors, more Invincible, hopefully the conclusion to the Neil Gaiman Batman storyline. But this just barely takes the win for how gripping this book has become in all of 2 issues.

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