Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week's End

Another Week’s End, but this time with a back-to-back look at the Month with Month’s End later on to be posted tonight!

Comic of the Week: Spawn #195

Endgame is finally in motion, after 4 chapters of build up our new Spawn is here and he’s awesome. This issue was pure greatness as we got a great mix of narration from Clown and Jim’s first outing as the new Hellspawn. I don’t want to say too much for my upcoming review but needless to say this was a great read and anyone who gave up on Endgame should check back as it’s finally getting great.

Moment of the week: Songbird sings again – Thunderbolts #129

Not too many great moments this week like what we got as far as overall great comics. While I decided not to read Thunderbolts I must admit the quick return of Songbird to the title has me interested. She has always been a great character and if she does return, however it may be, I may check it out.

Cover of the Week: Spawn #189 variant by Todd McFarlane

It seems that Spawn is finally re-catching up to the 90’s and joining all the other comics in the world that have variants often. While some people hate variants more then often I like them and this was a wicked cool cover. I didn’t get a copy as my only chance was shot down, but that’s all right, this cover is great. It’s pure McFarlane magic.

So that’s it for the Week’s End, check back later tonight for Month’s End.

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