Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week's End

The week has ended but Spring has Sprung.

Comic of the Week: Wolverine #71

I’m sure you all saw this coming. After some really great reads this one stood out above them all and took the prize. Old Man Logan continues to impress as this comic was well worth the 2 month wait. And it’s rare I can say that about any comics, let alone one that’s been as delay plagued as this story has. While the pacing was a little off, I could say the same for just about every other comic this week. So it steals the win just barely from Invincible.

Moment(s) of the Week

Going to go Weekly Crisis on you guys as there where some really cool, or interesting, moments I wanted to point out.

Dark Avengers #3

Bendis writes a mean Doc Doom for sure. Dare I say, the best Doom writer since Stan Lee? I’m sure that’s something a lot of fanboys will enjoy smacking down but I truly believe Bendis has the best grip on the character then any writer has had in ages. This was just a great cliff-hanger that gets the blood pumping and the heart racing to see where we go with #4.

Wolverine #71

Ladies and gentlemen meet my new desktop background. This right here is why the art delays are worth it, it always looks so incredible. Though some are speculating that maybe some of this is Millar’s fault I’m not so sure really. This isn’t exactly something you draw in 5 quick minutes.

Venom’s not looking too good there. Seems Blackbolt was more of a cheap idea, just throw in him to take down Venom, but it works.

Just an epic shot of Doctor Doom I wanted to show you all. Now I never saw this in the comic, but apparently he and Emma are married? I don’t remember reading that but I guess I see the logic seeing as he’s overlooking the heroes as they leave. Though it’s disappointing to just see him here and it seems he won’t be too important to the overall plot.

Hawkeye will have a hard time getting up after that. I know he’s Hawkeye and he doesn’t stay dead for long, but we specifically see his brains go splat here so I don’t see anyway around this. Still a great way to end this issue.

Invincible #60

So I’m pretty sure Dupli-Kate and Rex Plode both dead. This was a nice scene but the panels in the middle felt a little jarring. Still a really good moment through the plot.

Ultimatum #3

Eww….Hank, you got something stuck between your teeth. Okay seriously this was a dumb as all hell moment, though it was at least nice to see Blob gets what he deserved for the absolute-gross out moment in #2…

Uncanny X-men #507

So Magneto is back…not sure if I’m happy or annoyed, seeing as if Mutants can start getting their powers back…what’s all the fuss over the “Messiah”? from the 2 main Messiah stories? I don’t know, he’s one of my favorite villains but this just feels cheap to me. I’ll see how it plays out.

So that’s it for moments, wanted to give a quick thanks to Kirk Warren and Rokk Krinn (their blogs can be found in their names) for always giving me the images for the moments here.

Cover(s) of the Week: Witchblade #125 joined cover by Chris Bachalo

Both where great covers but what really completes them is the 2 covers put together. I love the detail on Sara’s belt and all the crazy stuff she’s got around her. Bachalo always puts in such amazing and energetic detail and I’m really disappointed he isn’t the main cover artist through war of the witchblades, it would be awesome. I also like the new title design for this event.

So that’s it for Week’s End, this is also the last time I’ll have an end thing at the end of a post. I’ve decided their not really useful as I’ll just post what’s coming up when I post it, no need to let you know as you can see it for yourself the next day.

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