Monday, March 23, 2009

The Week Begins

The Week Begins…with 2 comics. Cool. Savage Dragon is oddly MIA for the week.

Spawn #190 *most anticipated of the week*

Written: Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin

Art: Whilce Portacio

After a great chapter last month I’m excited to see where the Endgame goes from here. It was great to see Jim running around as Spawn but now where we go here is crucial, it’s time to see Jim really get his hands dirty and his face blood splattered. I’m still not sure though, but really hopeful for it.

Mighty Avengers #23

Written: Dan Slott

Art: Koi Pham

Pham’s last issue for the next few months. That fact alone continues to bug the hell out of me, but overall this opening arc has turned out to be pretty flat and uninteresting and the preview doesn’t get me anymore hopeful. I’m not sure why I’ll continue reading. Maybe I’m stupid or maybe I’m crazier then my psychologist said. But I’ll keep reading for at least a couple of more months seeing as I really want to love this comic.


Cat said...

I know what you mean about Mighty Avengers. I haven't been too impressed with Slott's version so far. But , like you, I'm givving it a few more issues.

Andrenn said...

yeah after such an awesome run on The Initiative it's hard not to really want to love Mighty.