Friday, April 17, 2009

New Age News: Returning Heroes

Been a while but there has been some New Age worth News to report.

Mark Djurdjevic Gets his own Book!

First is the Marko Djurdjevic art book being published by Marvel. Over 200 pages and a 50 dollar HC. Now I’m a big fan of Djurdjevic’s so I really look forward to this, but 50 bucks is a hefty price…I’m not sure. I’ll see if I can order it somewhere online and if I can then I’ll probably get it as it looks to be great.

Marvel Women War

Coming July is the return of Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel who looks like she wants the title back from Moonstone her replacement on the Dark Avengers. I’ve never read Ms. Marvel but this looks pretty interesting.

Batman Zombies

Batman may return sooner than we thought as it seems! I’m sure the Internet is about to be set ablaze with the cover you can see here hinting at the rebirth of Bruce Wayne’s corpse as a Black Lantern. It clearly wouldn’t be Bruce himself but this would be a really cool twist for sure. I’ve decided to check out the Blackest Night mini-series and that’s it for now, but wow this sounds awesome. Also Doug Mahnke is on art and that’s a serious plus as he’s great.

Rulk #600

Marvel is renumbering yet another comic, Thor, Daredevil and Captain America are all being renumbered but we can now add the Hulk series to that list as it will be getting an issue #600, presumably later this year, it was a quick mention from Joe Quesada about Rulk’s Identity. I myself am just curious about Rulk really and I dropped this series even though I was enjoying it. This is no doubt another market gimmick like they have been doing, but still, this should be interesting.

Mark Bagley on Batman

It’s true, Bagley we’ll be the guest artist for Batman for a 4 issue period. Now Bagley has been doing Trinity for nearly a year, a title I am far from fond of, but it’s great to finally see him doing something real noteworthy. I won’t be touching this but still, really cool to see Bagley on Batman.


Kirk Warren said...

I dont even want to know how they managed to get Hulk to 600 considering Herc took over his series. Probably ignoring those issues in favour of more money from a 600.

BrikHed said...

I recently jumped on with Green Lantern and let me warn you Blackest Night looks like Final Crisis all over again on tie-ins.

Kirk Warren said...

@BrikHed - Final Crisis had like 10-15 tie-ins over 5 or so minis and was about 20-25 comics total for the entire event. SI was about 150 issues for comparison. Blackest night is shooting for about `50-60 counting the main event book and GL/GLC titles.

However, you can stick with just the core Gl titles for this event and get the whole story without venturing into the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Titans, etc tie-ins.

Andrenn said...

@Kirk: I kind of like this renumbering craze, I don't know, it just seems cool. Though I can only hope they don't mess with Herc as that would screw over a lot of fans of that book I'm sure.

@Brik: I know it may sound a little risky but for now I'm just going to get the mini-series Blackest Night and maybe the tie-in books.