Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week's End

A very detective filled Week’s End, but still we’re here and it’s not just Batman this week’s End.
*edit: I found some scans of some other pages and added them into the moments of this week.

Comic of the Week: Detective Comics #853

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words why you love something. It’s often that it’s so great and perfect to you that you know no matter how much you describe it, no one will quite see it the same way you do. Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader has won my heart and even though I reviewed it, I know I just can’t put it down as to how perfect this was for me. Because as much as I loved it, from page to page, you may not see it the same way. But it’s an incredible read all the same.

Moment of the Week: Goodnight Batcave
and other moments from Detective #853

Just one of the great moments from this issue as it was really a great way to cap off Batman by having him say goodbye to all the characters (well at least many of them) in the form of his old goodnight book with his mother. Really this issue was chock full of incredible moments but this was just one of the many.

I'm not sure what it is but something about Batman not believing in an afterlife just makes perfect sense for me. I myself am unsure about it but it's nice to see a big super hero like Batman reflect on something like that as well. Also the line from his mother was a nice touch to follow it.

This was a major surprise for me as she was about the last person I expected to see here. A nice twist on Gaiman's part

This was another brilliant moment that I didn't see coming. Gaiman obviously is a fan of symbolism with the Batsignal turning into hands picking up the newborn Bruce Wayne and it was just a really cool way to cap off this amazing storyline.

Cover of the Week: Detective #853 by Andy Kubert

Homage covers are either something that can be really cool, or really boring. Kubert added his own modern twist to the famous cover that debuted the Batman, and it’s a fitting cover seeing as this was our goodbye to the Dark Knight.

Artist of the Week: Andy Kubert

Andy Kubert wins this easily by doing what, as Neil Gaiman himself put it, was impossible. Somehow he did an incredible job of mimicking classic styles from Bob Kane to Jim Lee and everyone in between and it was absolutely incredible. But all the while he never lost his own art style and kept a consistent and great look to it all.

Comic I wish I got: Arkham Asylum one-shot

David Hine is an awesome writer who is finally getting more and more of the recognition he deserves. While I’m not a big follower of his, I confess that he’s a great writer and I loved a lot of his stuff on Spawn. When I got the LCS, this was sold out from the shelves much to my disappointment. I’m sure Hine wrote a freaky and twisted tale as usual.

Character of the Week: Batman

It’s a bit sad that Batman’s first time here as Character of the Week will be his last time as well. I’ve mentioned several times now that Gaiman won me over as a fan of his with his awesome portrayals of Batman, but there where just so many great things about him again in this issue. One thing I noted was his “I don’t believe in an After life” and the speech of how he never gives in. It’s all brilliant as Gaiman simply “gets” Batman. Though Batman may be resting for now his presence will always be felt in comics.


BrikHed said...

Akrham was better than Detective Comics in my opinion - the Gaiman experiment didn't work as well as I had hoped on this two parter.

I am still torn what to do with Batman these days :\

Andrenn said...

I was sure you would have enjoyed the issue since you where a fan of Batman, but I understand that you didn't. Like I said, everyone sees something differently.

BrikHed said...

i thought it was a decent issue but i wanted epic - i need ti sit down and read both parts together

Andrenn said...

Well I sat down and read part 1 before part 2 but I doubt that really changed my opinion. I'll admit it wasn't epic really but for me it didn't need to be.