Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Age Ideas

One thing you should know about me is just about every other day something new pops into my head, for that we have New Age Ideas returning so I can write those ideas down.

Image, the Series!

This is a weird idea that’s been going around in my brain for weeks, at first I imagined it as a TV show on HBO like Spawn was, then I imagined it as a movie or something live action, but now I think this would be an awesome comic. The idea is fairly simple, all the Image characters meeting each issue for either smaller or big story arcs. I know it would be a lot to ask of one creative team to handle an ongoing series with so many diverse characters. It would be the ultimate team-book the way I see it. Though really I’d just love to have an ongoing comic where characters like Shadowhawk and Spawn and Invincible can stand around drinking coffee and talking about what villains they hate the most. These characters are all so great and it would just be great to see them interact on a monthly basis, rather than one story arc once in a blue moon. As for who could write it? Robert Kirkman comes to mind but really I think Erik Larsen should be the one to handle it. As for the art? Eh, I’m not even sure…I’d say Ryan Ottley but he’s rather preoccupied with Haunt and Invincible (assuming Haunt ever gets published) so I guess it would have to be someone new. I know Mike Choi has a deal with Marvel but if that where to ever end, he could fit nicely. Eh though it’s just a random idea in my head for now…until I become the EIC of Image!

Deadpool Movie

Here’s a pretty simple idea for the new Deadpool movie…have Deadpool in it!

Making the Silver Age Cool

Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s reinvention of the long forgotten hero Destroyer is so awesome. Though what I love about this reinvention isn’t that we went with the simple “stuck in time” type thing. Destroyer has been alive all these years and is now an old man but is still kicking ass. That is so great and I wish more people whoa re bringing back Silver Age Heroes would do that.

Marvel Zombies, the end…please?

I’m actually enjoying the fourth installment of Marvel Zombies despite it’s drastic departure from what the previous series’ have been about. But…as much as I’m enjoying the zombie madness, I would really like it if we please just end it all. There was a cliff-hanger ending at the end of volume 2, if Marvel insists on a 5th volume, how about it just be the end and resolve that plot and put the zombies to rest? It’s a simple idea that I really hope happens because I can’t take much more of these brain munching bastards.

Should The Ultimate Universe be boosted more?

We know the Ultimate U is getting a revamp and that’s awesome but will a reboot be enough to make it prominent again? I’m not so sure. We’ve got something really cool looking coming up with the new volume of Ultimate Spider-man as well as Ultimate Avengers and Frank Cho will be artist for Ultimates volume 4 but what about ongoing series’ that could build the universe more? Why do we still not have an Ultimate Ghost Rider or other fan favorites that could be really well done ultimized. I’d love to see a boost in many new ongoing series’ come the Ultimate Comics era of the Ultimate U.

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