Monday, May 4, 2009

The Week Begins - May 4th 2009

The Week Begins yet again and we’ve dropped one comic (Secret Warriors for anyone who missed the tiny update on the pre-FCBD post on Friday) but still plenty to talk about.

Jersey Gods #4 *Most Anticipated*

Written: Glen Brunswick

Art: Dan McDaid

More greatness from the JG crew hopefully awaits me at the LCS. I know this story arc doesn’t come full circle until next month but I’m still really excited to check out more this month. Jersey Gods has easily been climbing the latter up to my favorite comics each month.

Marvel Zombies 4 #2

Written: Fred Van Lente

Art: Kev Walker

Already at the halfway point, eh? Well this should be a good read. The preview was hilarious, how they resolve the plot of the boat (just blow it up!) and it seems there is a trend with this all having a narrator tell their final goodbyes on tape should they die on their mission. Here’s to Hoping for another good read.

Destroyer #2

Written: Robert Kirkman

Art: Cory Walker

Here’s a comic I want to be reading but for expenses am waiting for the collection on. But man, it looks really good. Walker’s art is great and Kirkman seems to be doing a cool revamping of the dying hero, can’t wait to check this out in collection form.

New Mutants #1

Written: Zeb Wells

Art: Diogenes Neves

Definitely an interesting comic to say the least. I’m curious in it at least. But I guess I’m still sore from the random cancellation of New X-men after Messiah Complex. I am curious about it at least but won’t be reading it.


BrikHed said...

Jersey Gods was great - Destroyer is good and New Mutants leaves a lot to be desired. Have not read the other book yet... good week none the less

Andrenn said...

Wait, you got advanced copies?

BrikHed said...

if you are interested in reviews of each of the books on your pull list go to

It is not a hobby - it is an addiction!!

Kirk Warren said...

I'm curious about New Mutants. I just assumed Guggenheim would continue with it from Young X-Men. Zeb Wells has been impressing me (he's not a Fraction or Aaron or what have you, but still decent) lately, so I'm curious to hear how this issue turns out. Not really interested in the New Mutants team, per se, but the same could have been said for Captain Britain & MI13 before I started reading that.

Andrenn said...

@Brik: Wow, what an awesome site. Thanks.

@Kirk: New Mutants sounds nice I admit, and the art looks great but I dunno it just doesn't seem the same when we had New X-men which was so close to being one of the premier X-books.