Sunday, May 3, 2009

Month's End - April 2009

A 2 for one Sunday for all you kids out there, after Week’s End we’ve got Month’s End. Sadly I’m going over a bit over the last Week’s End as there’s some stuff that just needs to be restated as it seems.

Comic of the Month: Detective Comics #853

Pretty easy decision here, April had it’s fair share of good comics I can’t deny that. But of all them only one stuck out as much as this did for me. As a fan of Batman this was pretty big for me, no denying that, and really no complaints I could even think of. Just overall an incredible read, Gaiman hit the nail on the head for sure.

Moment of the Week: Goodbye Batcave

Hard to think of a better way to say goodbye to the Batcave other than this. It was a really touching moment to see this in the last book his mother ever read to him and I really loved this moment.

Cover of the Week: Weapon X #1 Olivier Coipel variant

I missed out on giving a first Week’s End for this month but if I had gotten to it than this easily would have won the award for cover of that week. I’m not the biggest fan of Coipel’s art but this is just really an incredibly cool image and the detail and overall look is awesome.

Artist of the Month: Andy Kubert

It takes hard work to both homage certain artist but not clearly steal from them or look like a cheap copy. Somehow Kubert pulled it off and I’m still stunned and impressed by that.

The “Ugh” of the Month: Spider-man 2099 is a kid!

Hard to think of anything more annoying then the idiotic downgrading of Spider-man 2099 into some bumbling moron kid. One of the things I liked about him was that he was a brilliant guy who really had his head on straight even when jumping from rooftops. This was just an unnecessary change that practically ruins the great character. This was the deciding factor in me dropping Timestorm.

Character of the Month: Batman

For now we can assume Batman is dead, in a sense at least, but with this being his last story it’s hard not to enjoy it even as sad as it was. Batman’s final case was solved, even if it wasn’t your typical mystery and he got a good farewell for all of the fans.

Most Anticipated for May: DR: Young Avengers #1

May has a lot of great looking comics ahead of it, Architects of Fear, more Invincible, but this was no challenge. I’m a huge fan of the Young Avengers and absolutely have enjoyed them over the last few years. They’ve told some really great stories, and this looks to be one of their best yet. Paul Cornell is a talented writer as it is, but what looks even better is the art by Mark Brooks, usually his style from his covers and his interiors are different. However, by some miracle it seems, he’s pulling out all his best for the interiors of this awesome looking series. I’m incredibly psyched to check it out.

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