Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week's End - May 17th 2009

The week ends like always, I’m feeling very under the weather so there may be lack of posts.

Comic of the Week: Dark Reign Young Avengers #1

Pretty easy decision here, while this week had all good reads, this shined above the rest for me. Cornell got over the dreaded first issue syndrome and has introduced the team, told their opening stories and has hooked me and has me curious and eager for more. Brooks’ art was also incredible as I mentioned. This issue was a rather sick but fun read and it felt like an odd crossover of Young Avengers meets Thunderbolts really.

Moment of the Week: Melting is as easy as Breathing

I really dig the new Melter, he’s so messed up about all of this. While this issue was crammed with all kinds of great moments for every character I had to narrow it down to this, Melter’s discussion with Coat of Arms, or the Young Avengers showing up. While all 3 where great moments nothing tops melting an old lady who you where just trying to help. Better luck next time Melter.

Cover of the Week: Wolverine #73 Anniversary Cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Marvel’s whole Decades Anniversary variants have been interesting. Their timing is a bit off, for instance the Captain America cover won’t be until #601 rather than #600 which makes more sense. Also I’m surprised at the lack of a Spider-man variant by now. But still these covers have all had something cool and unique about them, Djurdjevic really does a great job at portraying iconic poses with these great characters and this is just so far the best of them.

Artists of the Week: Adam Kubert and Tommy Lee Edwards

Giving both these incredible artist the spotlight as they both did an incredible job on Wolverine #73. Though I admit Kubert did have some weak moments, mostly Wolverine’s face at times looked a little scrunched up but it was a minor complaint. Edwards was at the top of his game like usual and his amazing art really helped bring the tale of Horror Show to life which was cool. Both artists did a great job this week and both deserve plenty of credit.

Comic I Wish I Got: Secret Warriors #4

Here is a series I wish I hadn’t dropped, but at the same time I know why I dropped it and I stick to that decision. Much as I was enjoying it the pace was fairly weak and the lack of actually spotlighting the Secret Warriors was annoying me to no end. So I’m trade waiting it, and you can bet that as soon as the first volume is up for pre-order I will do so as this is looking to be an awesome series, still for the sake of price and ease it’s been dropped.

Character of the Week: Melter

The new incarnation of the classic Iron Man villain has made for an interesting character in his debut issue. It’s rather sad how this guy really wants to be a hero badly but his team rather gets in the way of that. It’s funny seeing him make compromises to Enchantress and Executioner and trying his best to keep up the image of a super hero team. It’s also hard not to feel bad for him in what a bad situation he’s stuck with. Still a very appealing new character that hopefully will be able to reach his dreams by the end of this awesome new story.

Collection of the Week: World War Hulk HC

Despite the awful choice of cover for the HC, I am looking forward to this. Been waiting for the World War Hulk HC for a while now as I really enjoyed this awesome event from 2007. Some people say it wasn’t an event, and to an extent maybe it wasn’t, but I still dug it.


Anonymous said...

Ah, I totally agree with your trade-waiting. The afternoon after I read SI #8, I tossed all of my New Avengers, Mighty Avengers and Ms. Marvel books onto ebay and was done with it. The month Dark Reign started, the regret hit. I'm not picking up any in-continuity Marvel books right now, aside from the few strays (Cap, X-Factor, Daredevil, Punisher MAX, Uncanny)but I'm looking forward to getting some Dark Reign hardcovers on the cheap in a few months.

Marc said...

That can't really be the final cover for the World War Hulk hardcover, can it??

Anyway, I agree with you on WWH. Apparently a lot of people really disliked it, but it was exactly what I expected it to be: the Hulk punching things with great art by JRJR.