Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week's End - May 3rd 2009

I was considering not doing Week’s End…I’m sick (no swine flu, just sick) and haven’t been able to write much but this week had 3 good comics I wanted to point out and do this for.

Comic of the Week: Dark Avengers #4

Bendis, as I’ve said, is at his A game with this series as he continues to impress me and tell a great story that greatly ends an awesome debut arc. It was also full of great little moments from Iron Patriot making wise cracks to Sentry looking all badass.

Moment of the Week: The Hood never stood a chance (The Cabal one-shot)

I’ve already expressed my dislike of The Hood quite a bit. While I doubt Doom’s plans will come through, what with him killing Norman and enslaving Loki and Emma (never has something been so hilarious yet so creepy before in my life…wait) but this was just awesome. I would love to see this happen as The Hood is certainly not a villain worthy of the same company as Victor Von Doom.

Cover of the Week: Spawn #191 by Greg Capullo

Not even a challenge as to the best cover here. Capullo is an incredible artist who really shines when it come to Spawn. I’ve appreciated his more simple hand drawn covers rather than just his digitally painted work and this image is just perfectly brutal to show the content in the comic waiting the readers.

Artist of the Week: Stjepan Sejic

As mentioned in my review of Witchblade #126, Sejic’s artwork made a comeback from a really weird flaw that plagued the prior issues of this awesome comic. He’s an incredible artist as it is, but seeing his art back to it’s near perfect form again was just really great and made me very happy.

Comic I wish I got: The Cabal One-Shot

Here’s a really cool looking comic that has gotten some very mixed reviews. Some people seem to have loved it for it’s great talent behind it and interesting stories into the minds of the Cabal, others say those talents failed to deliver and that it was not worth the money. I wish I could have made the call myself as it looks like a really good book that I probably would have enjoyed.

Character of the Week: Jim (Spawn)

The Jim Spawn has had a long way coming to get to this point. Up until recently he’s been fairly mediocre, not really standing out on his own or doing much of anything but complain about his memory. We know who he is finally…sort of, and we finally see Spawn kick some angel ass and it was great. That followed by his awesome confrontation with the Agent made me finally like the young Spawn.

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