Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week's End - May 9th 2009

Week’s End is always a fun thing I get to do as I get to revisit the highlights of the week once more.

Comic of the Week: Jersey Gods #4

Not too hard of a decision here. Jersey Gods continues to impress me and leave me hooked and wanting more, but sadly not too much else to say that I haven’t’ covered in my last 2 posts.

Moment of the Week: Dormammu to the Rescue!

It really is a shame that Marvel’s solicits last month had to spoil this surprise. I would probably have been shocked to see this turn of events had I not known it was going to happen, and really this is a nice twist to try and give this series more weight in the Marvel Universe. I know I only gave this issue a Check It but I’m still really looking forward to more Zombie Madness next month and this was a nice cliff-hanger that sadly had to be spoiled.

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #593 by Joe Quesada

Despite my problems with what Quesada did to the Spider-man franchise I cannot deny he is an incredible artist. His covers often pack a unique power to them that just can’t be found anywhere else. He’s got great creative abilities in crafting a real masterpiece of a cover and this is just another example of that.

Artist of the Week: Dan McDaid

It’s taken a little while but McDaid’s art has really stuck in my head and is appealing. Now I simply can’t imagine anyone else ever drawing Jersey Gods as he really works well with the world he helped create and his art is really improving more and more and looking great.

Comic I wish I got: Atomic Robo volume 3

I had no idea that the third volume of this series was even out yet and man I was shocked to hear about it. This sounds right up my alley, and if my LCS was getting Robo maybe I would have given it a read (rather than wasted 4 bucks on the Witchblade Annual) as it sounds and looks great.

Character(s) of the Week: The Midnight Sons

I’m cheating here as the Midnight Sons all had one good moment at least and with them Van Lente got in some good comedy, the best of them continues to be Morbius but Son of Satan and Jennifer Kale are getting great development.

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