Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek Review

Let me start off this review by saying how I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this film seeing as I’ve been very negative about the Star Trek franchise. At first I simply did not like it but there was a time when I was very anti-Star Trek to where I did my best to make it known my dislike for the series. When I heard of this film I had no feelings of caring or excitement, only a bland disinterest.

But for whatever reason, maybe to indulge my friend who is a proud fan of the series, or maybe because I actually was interested this time around I gave this movie a shot and I must admit I was impressed.

First off I want to handle the overall story. Now I’ve never been one for science fiction, even when I have it’s been to a lesser degree. I’ve never really liked weird alien tales and one of the few exceptions was Star Wars. So right off the bat I had a strike against this film, but I must admit for a science fiction film it felt much more grounded in reality and made more sense than I had figured.

One thing I have to mention is the comedy in this film. I was not expecting such a great amount of hilarity and humor…really that’s what made me enjoy the film was that it didn’t take itself too seriously. And really this film is just one epic struggle or problem after another so the comedy through out it helps relieve the tension and not make me feel anxious at all and still doesn’t kill the action. There was some truly brilliant comedic moments, most of them from Kirk and Scottie though “Bones” McCoy was also hilarious.

The plot itself is a little weird, it has to do with time travel which is never an easy thing but it makes it very digestible and it all comes together nicely. As I mentioned there’s always one problem after another in this film, unlike movies such as The Dark Knight there where absolutely no moments of rest where something wasn’t going on…well near the beginning, after the opening I suppose but not after we see them hit space.

Though overall I really enjoyed the plot as it was certainly well crafted and was full of tons of great moments and nothing I could really criticize about it.

The characters where also great, Kirk of course stole the show but Spock was also nicely done. “Bones” McCoy was great as well but he was at his best whenever speaking to Kirk as they have a great dynamic. I found the relationship between Spock and Uhura to be rather random and out of nowhere. One minute they are simple acquaintances the next their lovers without any real build up to it. I just found it to be really odd and as if this was thrown in to try and give the movie some romantic weight. The best character was Leonard Nemoy taking the roll as Spock Prime from the future. I’m not even a fan of the original series and this was just plain awesome to see him reprise his roll.

Secondary characters where all nicely done, really there was no actor that I felt did not do their job well.

Now the effects, the movie is one hell of a spectacle with the special effects. Really not much other to say on them other than their epic as all hell and very nicely done.

My biggest problem with this film was the camera and really it’s about as close as I can get to strongly faulting it. The camera moves around a lot and really that’s nice in some scenes, it works very nicely in the actions scenes and really shows off the great performances. But there where a few scenes that where more subtle and simple that didn’t need this touch of a somewhat shaking camera or an unbalanced camera and I couldn’t see the reason for it. It certainly bugged me to say the least, but only so much.

Overall I enjoyed this movie a lot. While it didn’t make me a fan of the series, I’m still probably not going to go out and watch the other movies or anything like that. Though despite that I really loved this movie and look forward to owning the Blu-Ray as soon as possible. It’s an incredible film really despite it’s shaky camera work at time. If you’re looking for a great exciting film that will grab your attention and never let go this movie is for you.

9 out of 10

Must See


Keith Gammage said...

I've been a trekkie for a long time but I got very disillusioned with it in the past few years to the point that i started telling people that I was no longer a trekkie, and my favourite Sci-Fi series was now Stargate. But with all the positive reviews this has been getting, I'm now looking forward to seeing it. For various reasons I couldn't go see it when it came out on Friday, or over the weekend, but I'm going to go see it this weekend.

Andrenn said...

I look forward to seeing a review from someone who is more in to Star Trek than I ever have been.